Fandango’s Provocative Question #89 I think we need to start with a definition because Karma means different things to different people and faiths, including people of no particular faith. The dictionary says: Karma: In Hinduism and Buddhism, the sum of a… Read More ›


Call it fate, Karma, destiny, or Murphy’s Law. It’s all one thing. No project goes exactly as planned. No vacation is perfect. Some part of the meal won’t be ready when dinner is served. Guests come early, stay late or leave too soon. Or not soon enough. Complications,… Read More ›


Oedipus defeats the Sphinx by correctly guessing the answer to the following riddle: As babies, we crawl on hands and feet, using four legs. When we grow up, we stand. Thus, as adults, we stride through life upright, on two legs.  In old age,… Read More ›

Life 101

Someone asked me what lessons I learned in life. It seemed like there would be a lot of answers to that question but actually, after I really thought about it, I realized there’s only one lesson. It comes in many… Read More ›