A Return to France, by Rich Paschall When you have been to Paris, you will likely hope that you can return someday. It is just a little sprinkle of magic that the city puts upon tourists and part-timers. There are no cities in America with old neighborhoods that somehow retain their special ambiance like the … Continue reading WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS – Rich Paschall

AN EARLY VISIT – Garry Armstrong

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. That lends itself to our professional sports teams and our current financial dilemma. Our Boston Red Sox are almost officially eliminated from postseason play. The lamentations about the Bosox lengthy hangover from last year's World Championship are filling up bars across Massachusetts. But … Continue reading AN EARLY VISIT – Garry Armstrong


Things To Do, by Rich Paschall Perhaps you have a "bucket list." You know, things you must do before you "kick the bucket." That is to say before you die. Such lists seem to be popular with middle-aged and older people. Younger people may not give this much thought, as they are more likely to … Continue reading NOT THE BUCKET LIST – Rich Paschall

BUT ANYONE COULD DO IT … Marilyn Armstrong

We all have friends who do stuff we can't do. They make a perfect pie crust and the filling is great, too. They build and refinish their furniture. They tune the car and rewire the basement on Saturday afternoon and still have time to make dinner for company. You love them, with just a hint … Continue reading BUT ANYONE COULD DO IT … Marilyn Armstrong


Do You Have The Time? by Rich Paschall There are plenty of community organizations that will grab your time, if only you let them. They want you for a variety of tasks and the really organized organizers will stalk you if they think you will volunteer for something. They want you to stuff envelopes, sell … Continue reading THE COMMUNITY EVENT – Rich Paschall


It turns out, there are a lot of variations of congregate meaning "to get together, join together, group together, party hearty." With some fish, it also means collaboration to make baby fish. Or is that conjugation? But there is no word which means "someone who congregates." No congregator. Congregationalist? Congregationistic? Congruent?  Way back when, in the … Continue reading A GRADUAL CONGREGATION – Marilyn Armstrong