Square, pointy, roses bought for no special reason
FOTD – March 24, 2019

My birthday bouquet was drying up and dying and Garry thought I needed something new. Something bright and cheerful. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what needs doing and how to get it done.

I even dream about it. And I’m also worrying about Garry and what would happen to him if I’m not here to take care of all the stuff in which he has never taken any interest. Like how the bank account works. Or where to find the title to the house.

Sticks, no stones

So there are the “no special reason” roses that Garry brought home yesterday.

Not only spiky squares. Jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy things, too.


Square bright birds back for a big feed

The feeder was almost empty. The birds hadn’t been coming. I wasn’t sure whether it was because they didn’t like the food or they had personal business to take care of.

Maybe the food had gone off?

Perhaps they were nervous about the hawk?

Were the squirrels pushing them out of the feeders?

Or they off elsewhere and busy building nests?

Birds of many colors!

Hairy Woodpecker dines alone

There were a few. They would fly in, grab a seed, and fly off. And the big Mourning Doves had been gorging on the Red Milo which none of the other birds like but they love.

A yellow finch in flight and a waiting red finch

Red and yellow finches

More bright finches

But today, it rained and suddenly, everyone developed an appetite. Garry pointed out that we had to feed them because there was practically no food left. I had simply been waiting for the rain to stop. But I had to agree — somewhere along the line, they had gotten hungry and come back to the big buffet on the deck.

Maybe the squirrels and doves had eaten the food they didn’t like, but when we put out fresh food it was like the woodland telephone lines lit up and suddenly, out of nowhere … birds flew from everywhere.

Bright yellow and red birds, showing for the first time their breeding colors.

House Finch

Two finches and a chickadee and the tail of something else

The color changes are quite remarkable. The birds that disappeared were dull buff and greenish-yellow. The returning birds are bright red and brilliant yellow. Breeding colors because it may not feel like spring, but the birds know: it’s time to nest, time to make eggs and breed babies. And there is lots of food!

Love the tail pattern!

Which should, logically, mean that this year, at least, we’ll have a lot of birdsong in our woods as well as the loud clattering of woodpeckers. And very likely, lots of bushes and sunflowers and all kind of strange bushes growing along the deck.

I have a few pictures. I have a few more pictures, so this is the start, but far from the finish!

Not only spiky squares. Jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy things and this is one.


A square, spiky full moon on a misty night

Last night, just as I was packing up and ready to go to bed Garry popped into the living room. He had already removed his hearing aids so he obviously didn’t expect an answer.

“I could be wrong, but it looks like a really full moon out there. You might want to take a few pictures.”

Of course, I wanted to take pictures. I’ve never been able to take successful pictures of the moon from this house. The trees have always been in the way. I do have a great lens now, but it’s not a fast lens. It’s perfect in daylight.

I thought it might work because the moon was so very bright, but when I realized I could feel the mist in my face, so I knew I wasn’t going to get the face of the moon. I hoped it would be clear tonight and maybe I make up for it … but it’s raining for real now.

Meanwhile, these are as interesting a set of pictures as I’ve ever taken.

Not only spiky squares. Jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy things and this is one.



Every photographer has to take a few pictures of the moon. I’m no exception. Of course, because the moon does not rotate on her axis and shows us only one face, most moon shots look much the same.


Those few times when I have been able to shoot the through trees in the woods, I got something a little different.



I’ve been to beautiful places and done nothing but watch the rain pour down for a full week. Talk about depressing. This time, it was a crummy hotel … but the weather was as good as it gets. Perfect. We could get up, go out and enjoy Cape Cod.


I have to admit: brilliant weather trumps luxury. Being trapped in a room, no matter how luxurious, isn’t much of a vacation and it definitely won’t offer much in the way of photo ops.

Mother nature rules. Especially when you are a photography enthusiast, even more if you are a couple and both of you are enthusiasts. So grab your gear. There’s a world out there we’re going to capture it!


Full Moon, Blue Moon

Tonight’s full moon is the third of four that will occur this summer. Thus is the alternative and older definition of a Blue Moon.The modern definition of a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.

Either way, it’s a blue moon and a relatively rare occurrence.

This full moon is called a Sturgeon Moon. According to the old Farmer’s Almanac, tribes near the Great Lakes named this moon, identifying it as the best season for catching sturgeon.

I live in under a canopy of oaks. When I first looked for the moon this evening, it was invisible, behind the trees. When finally it was almost directly overhead — for about 90 seconds — I could see it though it was only a partial view. My lens was trying so hard to figure out on what to focus. With the leaves in the way, it could not quite get a fix on the moon, nor in the dark could it get a fix on the leaves. In that light, with my vision, manual focus was not in the equation.

But … that doesn’t mean the pictures aren’t interesting.

I tried as many settings as I could within such a short period. The pictures are interesting. Not traditional pictures of a full moon. Anyway, you can see plenty of them all over the Internet tonight. On the other hand, I’ll bet no one else’s moon shots look quite like these 🙂