ME AND MY TRACTOR – Marilyn Armstrong

You may have noticed the old tractor in the middle of our garden. When we were trying to sell the house years ago, a couple of potential buyers commented that they'd have to have it towed away. I put a mental black mark next to their names because I love that tractor. If you don't … Continue reading ME AND MY TRACTOR – Marilyn Armstrong


I started to grow plants because my friend Mary was a crazed grower of potted plants. She lived in Brooklyn. Park Slope at the time. These years, she has a house out on Staten Island. We haven't seen each other in a really long time. Not since right after I got back from Israel -- … Continue reading LEARNING TO GROW THINGS – Marilyn Armstrong

NEW ENGLAND GARDENS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - Gardens The gardens of New England are a bit tired as we go into August. Most of my flowers are early summer flowers. They used to bloom in May and June, but recently they bloom in late June and July. Right now, it just looks awful! The Daylilies are gone, … Continue reading NEW ENGLAND GARDENS – Marilyn Armstrong

LITTLE WHITE ASTERS – Marilyn Armstrong

Little White Asters - FOTD – July 6, 2019 Amidst the myriad tall green and orange Daylilies, the asters continue to grow. Taller than they usually stand, they have spread out all around the garden. It's a nice touch, those delicate little white flowers in the breaks between the tall daylilies, some of which have … Continue reading LITTLE WHITE ASTERS – Marilyn Armstrong

MOVEMENT AND MOTION – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Movement Yesterday, it was warm, bright, sunny and just a little bit humid. I was under the impression it was Thursday, but I woke up today and realized today is Saturday. The rain I thought was at least 24-hours away is already closing in. It was sunny when I first woke up … Continue reading MOVEMENT AND MOTION – Marilyn Armstrong