Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wildlife

I’m proud of this shot. It took place so far away from me that all I could see was some white feathers in the sun. I just ran the lens as far as it would go and hoped I would get something. I did. A once in a lifetime shot of a swan defending his nest again incoming geese. Ultimately, the geese left the pond, but the swans lost their nest and eggs.

Protecting the nest — Incoming geese and nesting swan

On a less serious note, this week, Cee’s subject is wildlife. Although this probably doesn’t include The Duke, I think that might be an error. I’m pretty sure The Duke is a wild dog who decided it’s okay to live amongst humans where the food is better and you don’t get rained on while you nap.

Following are other wildlife I have encountered. Watch out for the lions and bears!

Lion – Roar!



Heron catching a fish

A bear and a mountain goat

Another bear

In glass


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green

Spring is here, but the green, not so much. the snow is still melting and while some shoots are coming up, nothing is flowering and no crops are growing. In a few weeks, we will be green and flowery. In the meantime, here are greens of years past.

Because Pat reminded me 🙂

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017



We didn’t play this one. Our version was “one potato, two potato …” All of these were elimination rounds to some subsequent game of tag, I think and the words varied depending on where you were born and raised. New York had a particular set of chants and games, many of which included Dutch words missing elsewhere because the Dutch preceded the English in settling the region … and they left some of their language behind.

Ducks waiting along the pond on Boston Common

Ducks waiting along the pond on Boston Common

Ducks on a golden day in November on the Mumford River

Ducks on a golden day in November on the Mumford River

My cousin was born and raised in northern Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. I was always surprised at the differences in words between us. Simple stuff, lots of the time. I called it “potsy,” and she called it “hopscotch.” I sat on the couch. She lounged on the sofa. We ate supper. She sat down for dinner. It was the subject of some humor and teasing as the years rolled along.

A barnyard runaway hoping for a handout

A barnyard runaway hoping for a handout

Goosy goosy gander, whither shall thee wander?

Goosy, goosy, gander, whither shall thee wander?

So this game — duck, duck, goose — is not a New York game, or at least, not a Queens, New York game. I don’t know if it is a New England game, either. But Wikipedia says it is universal, which means it must be true. Of course!

cee's fun foto chall


A Photo a Week Challenge: Dark Green

It was a very dark green day by the river. The trees were so dark, they reflected in the water and turned it dark green, too. And then … the geese came to visit. Picked at the grass awhile, and then neatly, as if on signal walked into the water and in a straight line, paddled away.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Get Your Green On

Green for St. Patrick’s Day … and green for the coming spring. Even though the weather gurus are predicting snow for tomorrow night, I don’t believe it. Maybe we’ll have a few flakes, but nothing can stop nature. She’s moving forward away from winter with an unstoppable force.


It was the deepest green day of the summer and the Canada Geese were out in force.


The river was green by reflection of the trees and the brown backs of the geese only emphasized the color.


I don’t think it would dare snow, not now! And if, by some strange quirk of fate it does, it will melt in a day. The time for snow has passed.


26 August 2015: GEESE

It’s Frisbee Wednesday again. Time just scoots right past me and this summer has been a blur, a whoosh of color. Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds. Spider bites and boats. Green shade trees on the town common and the cool green waters of the river.

This is the 20th prompt I’ve done. I am having trouble accounting for at least 20 weeks of my life.

And today … it’s …

Goosey goosey gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my lady’s chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn’t say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.

Nursery Rhyme by Mother Goose

These were wild geese. They were willing to share space with us … as long as we didn’t get too close.

The geese were not afraid of us, nor were they tame. Not “office park” geese either. The geese who take up residence in parking lots will boldly go where no goose has gone before, are afraid of nothing. At least nothing human.

We did our best to be stealthy. No door slamming, driving into the parking lot slowly, quietly. No talking. Getting the cameras out in the car, then walking softly, getting as close as we could without making the birds nervous.

Having long zoom lenses on our cameras helped too.

And then. there was the day I encountered this goose. He pretty much posed for me, giving me his good side. Sidling right up to me, apparently wanting a handout.


Turned out, he was a domestic, pet goose from a nearby farm who just dropped by and wanted to be paid for his personal appearance.


As usual, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick one of my pictures or any of your own photographs and write about it. Directly, tangentially, sadly or with humor.

This message will self destruct in …

FIVE … FOUR … THREE … TWO … ONE … (long pause) …


Oops, still here. Never mind.