Mundane Monday Challenge #74 : Learn Photography

The week slipped right by me. Usually, I at least know what was going on, but nothing much has been going on. It’s been hot, sunny, quiet. Nothing special. No big events. Not even any small events.

So I have no excuse for being late except that the notification got buried down in the bottom of my inbox. At least I didn’t get frustrated with all the email I’ll never get to and delete everything. Sometimes, I just look at all that email and I know for sure I’ll never get through it because before I get to the earlier stuff, there’s be several hundred more items.


Garry had been watering the fuchsia. It’s the only thing we continue to water. We’re on extreme water restrictions because of the drought. There was a bit of water left in the can when he was done with the flowers, so he poured it on the glass table. It keeps it from getting completely filthy.


I liked the way the light shines through it and the colors are reflected in its surface. These pictures are the result. It’s a wet glass table with its white iron frame showing through.


When I was in the fifth grade, I had a little problem with schoolwork. Since I was one of those kids that never had problems with schoolwork, an investigative team was formed on my behalf. My mother, my teacher, the principal, and the school librarian were all brought into the huddle to figure out what my problem might be.

My totally dysfunctional family life was never discussed. No one ever discussed any child’s dysfunctional family life. There’s was an unspoken yet unbreakable agreement that whatever horrors occurred at home had nothing to do with school. Besides, whatever was wrong with my home life had never affected my schoolwork in the past, so … why now?


Eventually, when the brain trust could not come up with an answer, they thought maybe they might ask me a few quick questions.

“Is the work too difficult?” they asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said.

“Is anyone in class bothering you?”

“Not more than usual,” I replied.

Many questions and answers later, someone asked me where in the room I sat.

“In the back,” I said. I liked being alone. “But I can’t see the blackboard.”

It was an “aha” moment which forever changed my life. I needed eyeglasses. I have been wearing eyeglasses ever since. Glass. Glasses. Eyeglasses. Spectacles. The first thing I reach for in the morning — unless the phone is ringing. The last thing I (carefully) put away at night.

Glasses. Glass. The difference between being able to see the edges of things … and a world that appears as an impressionist painting.



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #9

glass teapot - 2

This week’s pictures were originally illustrations for a different post. About tea, actually. Surprisingly, I just loved the way they came out … the clarity of the glass, the textures and tones. So, this week’s oddballs are about tea and a glass teapot.

Tea pot and canister - 2

brewing tea in glass teapot 2

All taken with an Olympus PEN PM-2, f1.8 45mm lens, without flash.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns – Stay in the Lines

Lines in and around the road

The lines in the road, the power lines running across and alongside the road … lines define the direction, the world. Stay within the line. Draw within the lines. Never ever go outside the line. This message is brought to you by Karma and Destiny, Attorneys at Law.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns – Power at Dawn

Lines form patterns. Lines connect everything to everything else.

Lines form patterns. Lines connect everything to everything else.

Power lines form patterns across the houses and sky during the pale hours of dawn on Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts.