Swan Boat Summer

Boston Common is more than a park. With the Boston Public Garden adjacent to the common, it forms the green heart of a city that has grown big around the edges, but remains small and cozy at heart.

Friendly ducks, and squirrels will greet you.Friendly people, too. Boston is not New York. It’s got its share of weirdos and crime, but you can talk to strangers; they won’t remain strangers long. Except, maybe leave the Yankees cap back home. Just saying.

Still more neighborhood than metropolis, “The Com” belong’s to everybody in all seasons.

This is summertime, when swan boats circle the pond and sun shines warm.

The State House Dressed for the Holidays

Boston State House - Night

Boston State House – Night

Boston is genuinely beautiful at night. The only other city I’ve lived in that exceeds it is Jerusalem and she is in a class of her own… and an entirely different experience.

New York is exciting, but it’s not (mostly) a pretty city .Impressive, almost overwhelming … but Boston is elegant. It has vistas. It’s a good place to visit … and a good place to live, too. Except for the weather. And the parking and traffic. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Boston at night ... by the Statehouse, across from the Common.

Boston at night … by the Statehouse, across from the Common.