Halloween was always a special holiday for my group of friends. From the early 1970s, we held an annual Halloween party. Each year, we descended on a friend’s parent’s summer house in the Berkshires. The house was not huge, but we were young and found places to sleep, even if it was on the floor or a hammock on the porch.

Those were the days before DVDs or even videotape — long before big screen televisions — so we rented a projector, screen and a movie. The occasion called for a horror movie. We tended to the classics: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman (poor Larry Talbot) … but lacking one of these, any horror movie would do.

It was the centerpiece of our weekend’s entertainment — in addition to the pleasure of getting together to see each other.

The last year we had the party in the mountains, just before most of us got married and settled down, the guys in charge of movie rental were late getting to it. All the familiar films were gone. So, in the spirit of trying something new, they rented “The Devil in Miss Jones.”

It sounded like a horror movie to them. The Devil? Halloween? Right?

Given the audience and our condition — drugs and alcohol flowed freely in those halcyon days of yore — the movie had predictable but hilarious (depending on what you find funny) results. I won’t go into lurid detail, but I think it was our absolutely best ever Halloween party. Subsequent parties became more elaborate. Bigger, almost like virtual reality rides at a theme park.

But the year we watched “The Devil in Miss Jones” brought us closer in ways we would not soon forget. I certainly haven’t, especially since that party was when Garry and I grew really close. Now we are fused at the hip and share those special memories. Do you youngsters ever wonder what grandma and grandpa are giggling about over there on the recliner?

So you see? Things can turn out fine, even when they apparently go awry. Thank you Georgina Spelvin and Harry Reems. It was your finest effort!


I’m sitting here and my mind is blank. Is it too early to think literary thoughts? Or maybe I need much more coffee?

Whatever it is, all I can think is that sure enough, it’s Halloween. Eerie is probably a good word for the day. And how much eerie, aerie, and airy sound alike but mean such different things.

dark cemetary


Osprey returning home to the aerie

Osprey returning home to the aerie

Airy afternoon at the marina

Airy afternoon at the marina

Oh, you mean I should post something about Halloween and it being eerie, even though it’s bright and sunny and delightfully warm?

jack o lanterns halloween

Hope that’s eerie enough for’ya 🙂 Whatever it is you do today, make sure it’s very eerie, but keep the space airy near the aerie!



Witchy Women

I thought this was a great Halloween cartoon, so here it is, in honor of Day of the Dead, Samhain, All Soul’s Day … and … well, the last day of the best month of the year.

Evil Squirrel's Nest


Some of you (OK, one of you) have noticed that I let my Tuesday “Draw Me A Picture” series kinda slack while Bashful’s adventures were hijacking my blog.  While I can’t promise draw me a pictureDMAP will be anything other than hit or miss for the remainder of the year… I will eventually draw all of the ideas you guys have submitted to me, so don’t worry if you thought I’d forgotten about you (If you even remembered you sent me something yourself!)…

This week’s drawing was requested by longtime friend of The Nest Juliette, the Vampire Maman (I hear she shares a birthday with yesterday’s DVA honoree).  She wanted to see “vintage Halloween pinups of Hottie and her girlfriends.”  I’m not sure this directly qualifies, but it’s the best I got.  Hottie and her friends MBRS and Hooly going all bubble bubble toil and trouble on poor Buster.  Hottie’s a little…

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 42

Our house from the street. Spooky enough for you?

Our house from the street. Spooky enough for you?

It’s less than a week to Halloween. Not much happening at this end of town. We’re too far off the beaten path for wee ghosties and goblins. Besides, it would involve too much walking between houses … and it is a bit scary with no streetlights or sidewalks. It’s dark . There are creatures living in those woods.

A better choice?

A better choice?

Thus, in the years we’ve lived here, we’ve never had a trick-or-treat request.


When we lived in Boston, we would finally close the shop and turn off the light after we ran out of all 20 pounds of candy we’d bought. These days, we don’t buy any. Even when Kaity was living here, she went to town to get the goodies.


I hope you have your fangs packed and are ready to go for a howl, because it’s Halloween … soon!

The child's first Halloween?

The child’s first Halloween?



4 NOVEMBER 2015: nearly naked


The World Series is over with the Kansas City Royals taking their first World Series Championship in 30 years. They almost did it last year, so this year must have been very satisfying for the fans. It was a good series, though I’d have liked at least one more game.


Halloween passed into memory. We had our usual number of trick-or-treaters, which is to say — none. We are too far off the beaten path. It’s dark here in the woods. Little ghosties and goblins — or whatever they are pretending to be these days — don’t want to be genuinely scared. They want to play at scariness, not be really terrified.


It’s still warm. Cold at night, but  warming up to cozy during the day. These are my favorite days, with crispy nights and golden afternoons.

I hope it goes on for a long time.


I’ve included Garry’s pictures too, so if you want to know who took which pictures, you can tell from the signature.


Should you decide to accept this challenge, you can use a picture from this or any post of mine  — or any other picture you like. Write something about the picture or make something up, using a photograph — any photo — as a jumping off point.

This is the easiest prompt in the world.


dark cemetary

“VAMPIRES DON’T DO TAKE OUT.” Which is how they knew the blood bank robbery wasn’t really the work of vampires.

I heard it on Hawaii Five O. Not the old one with Jack Lord. The reboot on CBS. Great title for a Halloween post, isn’t it?

We run out of candy every year because we don’t buy candy. AT all. We live so far from anything kids won’t come down our long, dark street … and especially not our long, dark driveway where the trees lean in from both sides.


It’s dark and lonely … a perfect Halloween path for the brave of heart. The kids want well-lit suburban houses. Scary should not be really scary. So they go into town where the street light make everything cheery and every household has pounds of candy. “Boo” they say, and that’s plenty scary enough.

We used to give out 20 pounds of candy every year when we lived in Boston, but out here? No one comes. Even with the lights on.

So, happy Halloween. Have some wine with that candy, why don’t you?