The message is as follows:

“Post Tropical Storm Hermine will continue to impact the Rhode
Island South Coast and Massachusetts southeast coast with rough
surf… dangerous rip currents… beach erosion and a period of
gusty winds today. A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for
the south coasts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts including Block
Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod.”


Yesterday afternoon, I could see treetops in motion. You’d be surprised on how rarely that happens. Most wind whips across the lawns, but when the tops of the big oak trees start to sway, there’s a stronger wind high up. The remnants of Hermine, the almost-a-hurricane is currently traveling up the Atlantic coast. Some wind, but nothing dangerous. Just enough to go outside and take the fuchsias down from their hooks. Turn the chairs upside down. We have a lot of glass and I’d rather not invite flying chairs.


It may not happen, of course. The paths of tropical storms, especially in these northern latitudes, is unpredictable at best. I’m hoping for a light grazing by storm. We need the rain and if we have to take a little wind as part of the package, so be it.



These may well be the last pictures of this years fuchsias. Against all odds, they have continued to produce flowers, even while the leaves fade. Their season is done, but like all living things, they fight for life. Right now, they are down on the deck where the wind cannot easily get to them. Even as they pass away, we protect them. And our windows.