Animusic – Antimatter Raystorm, Jason Ward


Antimatter Raystorm Animusic style Animated Music Video New Age by Jason Ward

Okay. I admit it. I didn’t get it at first, but I can’t stop watching these. I find them fascinating. It’s as if I visualized the music myself, direct from my  brain. I can see from exactly where each sound comes, which animation is making every sound. Homage to the amazing people who do this, Here’s another one!


This is NOT a real instrument. Everything you see and hear on this video is computer-generated.

It blows me away.

What makes this so unique and probably why it feels like it’s coming straight out of my brain is that the music drives the animation. Animusic creates the “instruments,” then the music drives the creations to do what they musically ought to do. This a treat for my brain: ice cream with chocolate sauce for my gray matter!