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Daily Prompt: Party Animals on the Radio

We don’t go to parties often nor do we give parties any more. Garry can’t hear at most gatherings and I always wonder why I’m there. But … for everything I say that’s true, there’s an exception. Also true, just completely the opposite of what I just said.


Last night, we were on the air on WBZ 1030AM, gabbing about movies with a bunch of other movie-centric folks and it was, as usual, a whole lot of fun. Some good arguments  on the role of movies in cultural and social change. The odd warm interchange about remakes and franchise movies in particular, the quality of horror movies and movie monsters.

75-GarNK-83My opinion? On monsters, if you can’t see the seams, they’re cool. And as for remakes and franchises, isn’t there something new worth doing?

Then, there was the sad death of Harry Reems, star of Deep Throat, the first genuinely funny porn movie. Talk about cultural influence! A whole generation … never mind.

So we talked about movies, laughed about movies, made valid points about movies, a few on and off target comments on The State of the Art and Arts, American culture, took some call ins, did a bit of trivia. Jordan gave away WBZ pens (with ink!).

By the middle of the night, when I took a few in-studio shots, we were all looking pretty scruffy. You can’t tell about a few of us because I was holding the camera (yay, me) and the nature of shooting pictures in a studio is that there aren’t a lot of angles from which to shoot. Small and cluttered is never a great photo venue. But, at least you get a sense of the studio, its size and us. In the middle of the night, sans snacks or coffee.

Jordan Rich, our gracious host

Jordan Rich, our gracious host

It was fun. It’s always fun. It’s easy to forget that you are not just hanging out and whatever you say is actually being heard by a lot of people across the country. WBZ has a very powerful signal. The show is also simulcast in Cincinnati and everywhere in the world by live Internet feed.

It was my first time on the air in a year or so. I haven’t felt up to overnighting, but this time, I vowed I was going to make it.

So that was the party and I got to be one of the animals. Tomorrow, I’ll feel inspired. Today, I mostly need a nap.

Daisy Award: A Special Award for the Brave of Heart

It is on rare occasion that a connection is available to the creator of an award. This time the beginning link in a chain of unknown number of recipients is Subtle Kate.


In Kate’s own words on June 28, 2012, “I would like to start a new award. It’s called the Daisy Award.  Daisy’s are very sweet flowers, but they are stealth with hardiness. They’ll come up anywhere and beat the frost.  This award is for the brave.”

So without further ado, these are the rules to follow:

Thank the person who nominated you.

This is the easiest part. I keep finding myself thanking Sharla, (Awakenings and CatnipOfLife). Sharla, you have become so much a part of my life it’s hard to explain to people who someone who I’ve never met face to face could become so interwoven with my life. You are the best, you really are. Hugs and thanks fly over the miles, from me to you!

Tell your readers seven unusual things about yourself.

What can I tell you that you don’t already know? I think by now I’ve told everybody everything. But let’s see how these fly:

  1. I am a peculiar combination of sentimental, tough, sympathetic, empathetic and impatient. All at the same time. I love and admire people who laugh in the face of disaster but cry at reruns of Flipper.
  2. I love survivors and people who share the good in their lives while trying to spare others from pain.
  3. I appreciate that while I’ve had a rough time, others have had worse.
  4. I’m a risk taker and whenever I take a risk, I’m scared to death. My motto is “What the Hell; do it anyhow!”
  5. I don’t believe that any of us deserve medals for doing the best we can with whatever hand we’ve been dealt. That’s what you are supposed to do. Life can be messy and unfair. No one gets a free ride.
  6. I’m a fighter, even when I know I can’t win. I figure it’s better to lose then give up while letting the fates use you as a soccer ball.
  7. I am a relentless student of everything and when I stop learning, it will be because I’m no longer breathing.

Nominate several worthy bloggers.

This award is for the brave … and I think I’m choosing rightly.

For Mike, at Mike’s Film Talk, because while watching his life crash and burn, he’s managed to somehow keep a sense of humor and a sense of perspective and recognize that there will be another day.

For Jenny Threet at Rumpy Dog who fights a never-ending battle to try to protect our furry friends in the face of ignorance and indifference.

For Jordan Rich at  Jordan Rich, a man who has a been a friend and supporter of every kind of worthy cause, donated his time, his celebrity, and personal resources to help everyone to the best of his ability. Which I might add is considerable. He has his own problems and faces them with courage and honor and without complaint. The Jordan Rich Show airs Friday and Saturday nights, from midnight until 5AM on WBZ AM 1030AM and WCCO Minneapolis.