FOTD – March 16 –Open lily in bouquet Owen’s bouquet came with zinnias, roses, and huge Easter lily buds. Today the lily opened and two more are looking likely to open soon. Picture time!


CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: RED FLOWERS From Cee: We are on to a new series which CitySonnet suggested about flowers of different colors. This week’s topic is Red Flowers. You can take photos of flowers, artificial flowers, painted flowers.

My Garden Now

Through the last month, it rained every day. It didn’t rain all day every day, but it rained for at least a few hours, most of the time heavily. Downpours, accompanied by thunder and lightning, sometimes wind with occasional small… Read More ›


It’s a gray, rainy day, more like November than January. It has been raining slowly but steadily since the middle of the night and there are no more than a few remnants of snow remaining on the ground. We need sunshine… Read More ›