SO GROWS THE CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

So grows the cactus – FOTD – 02/25/2019

I picked up the camera today. My shoulder actually hurt more than yesterday and it was obvious that I needed to shoot. I realized as I spent all day shooting, then processing photographs, that the problem isn’t the camera and its weight. It’s these all day workouts on the computer.

I’m not sure what I can do about it because when you shoot, you are going to process … and if you take a lot of pictures — and Garry took quite a few today too — you are going to process a lot.

If anyone has an answer for how to do this without all the crippling side effects, let me know. My wrists, shoulder, neck, and back will thank you.

There are a lot of buds waiting to open soon, too. So there will be more!

Full bloom
Standing back
What a little sunlight can do!


FOTD – January 28, 2019 – FUCHSIA

I don’t have any flowers blooming right now, but I miss flowers and decided to go back into my archives and remember how very much I loved my fuchsia.

I’ve been reprocessing them since I now have a lot more filters than I had when I first got these pictures. As a bonus, there were pictures in there I’d never really looked at before. Actually, there are a lot of pictures in these folders I’ve never used at all.

So – today, fuchsia!

Buds before the blooming
More fuchsia and a little green bug!

THE LAST CACTUS FLOWER – Marilyn Armstrong

The Last Cactus Flower – FOTD – 01/08/2019

All of a sudden, in just two days, the last bud bloomed, the other flower closed up and I think by the end of the week, both plants will go into retirement for a few months.

On a more positive note, I have a new shoot coming in from my orchids. No buds yet. Just the tall, naked shoot.  It will be weeks before it turns into buds and more weeks until it flowers. It had two shoots, but one withered. The other looks healthy.

This one really is pink

FLOWER OF THE DAY: MACROS – Marilyn Armstrong

Flower of the Day – October 13, 2018

I have an interesting relationship with my macro lens. Sometimes, I love it to pieces. When it decided to work, it is perfection.

Macro lenses are kind of touchy. They may focus where you want them to focus — or they may focus where they feel they should focus.

FUCHSIA – PERFECTLY PINK – Marilyn Armstrong

FUCHSIA – PERFECTLY PINK – Marilyn Armstrong

And from now to the end of the month, it will be fuchsia. I have a lot in different colors, at different stages of development … and I love them.

More pink and purple and white – Fuchsia



And from now to the end of the month, it will be fuchsia. I have a lot in different colors, at different stages of development … and I love them.

Macro fuchsia – Dark violet and white



Garry has a lot of trouble getting very close to things, then shooting them. With a camera.

I’m pretty sure this has something to do with more than 40 years in film and videotape where getting too close was unflattering and unless the camera had the right lens, blurry.

Yesterday, we spent a little time working on getting close to flowers and shooting tight with a macro lens. He got the message, but I’m not sure he is quite ready for that level of intimacy with anything in a lens.

While teaching him how to use the macro feature on the 12-50 mm Olympus lens, I got some pictures of Garry, too.