Marilyn Armstrong


Two weeks later, we finally know we didn’t transmit COVID to Tom or Ellin. I’m not sure it’s possible to completely avoid it, especially as it’s turning into something different than it was at its beginning. It’s lethalness has diminished…. Read More ›


Share Your World 27th March Much to my chagrin, we are “rebounding” on COVID. Not seriously, but enough so I feel like the progress I made is disappearing. I’m not desperately ill, but I’m not where I hoped I’d be by… Read More ›


FOTD – March 27 – Cactus flowers in early spring My Christmas cactus has given up any relationship to winter holidays and seems to have decided to flower all the time. A flower blooms, a new bud forms. The flower dies?… Read More ›


I stood at my bathroom window looking out. It’s a different angle to the one I usually have, from either the dining room or kitchen — or even Garry’s bathroom. Mine is at the very end of the house and… Read More ›