ARE YOU A SUPERHERO? – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #69 So this is what Fandango had to say: There’s a lot of heavy shit that is going on these days, so I thought I’d go with something lightweight this week. A softball provocative question. Something you might have some fun with. I came up with this week’s question after Marilyn Armstrong asked … Continue reading ARE YOU A SUPERHERO? – Marilyn Armstrong

THE BIGGEST GLITCH – Marilyn Armstrong

Little things defeat me. An electrical blip -- so brief as to go otherwise unnoticed -- knocked out the time and date on the clocks and telephones in my house. It was so brief I didn't realize it had happened until I went to bed and everything was blinking. Don't you hate when that happens? All … Continue reading THE BIGGEST GLITCH – Marilyn Armstrong

A TINY CHURCH – Marilyn Armstrong

It's a tiny church hidden behind houses in Amherst. If you don't know to look, you would never find it. About the size of my living room and dining room combined, the cross on top is a bit crooked. Such a small church, such a long history. The Goodwin Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a … Continue reading A TINY CHURCH – Marilyn Armstrong

NEWSISH — Marilyn Armstrong

In an unexpected bow to America's need for clean air and including a desperate attempt to make people stop watching the impeachment hearings, President Trump announced he is banning automobiles and going back to the full-scale manufacturing buggies. And buggy whips. "All the out-of-work wheelwrights, carpenters, horse breeders, and horseshoe makers," he announced, "will be … Continue reading NEWSISH — Marilyn Armstrong


Israel was in turmoil. Years of bad blood between Arabs and Jews, a disastrous economic situation, and an intense heatwave which had everyone cranky and ill-tempered. It's no wonder that most riots take place in the heat of summer. The predominantly Arab areas were seething with resentment while the Jewish population was none too happy … Continue reading KINDNESS OF STRANGERS – Marilyn Armstrong


Freeport, Long Island. It's in Nassau Country, the closest county on Long Island to New York. I grew up in the city. In Queens, which is a borough of New York. Each of New York's boroughs has its own character and in many ways, is a city in its own right. Certainly, people who grow … Continue reading WOODCLEFT CANAL, FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND – Marilyn Armstrong

A DANCE IN A GRAVEYARD – Marilyn Armstrong

The year I was fifteen, I started my senior year of high school. That September (1962), while I was sitting and watching television, I found a rather big, hard lump near my right ankle. I checked the other leg. No lump there. It was a painless lump. Mom had me visiting a surgeon just a … Continue reading A DANCE IN A GRAVEYARD – Marilyn Armstrong