Breaking News!

Garry Armstrong will be on NECN (New England Cable News) this evening, from 6PM to 6:15PM — possibly a few minutes longer. NECN’s Broadside With Jim Braude is a nightly news and analysis program carried in six states in New England. The… Read More ›

What happened to Boston?

Our president was in Boston today, giving a pep talk. He was here for the remembering. Something happened here and it wasn’t a small thing. “Massachusetts invented America,” Governor Deval Patrick said at Thursday morning’s interfaith service honoring the victims of… Read More ›

Sensible Violence

We were up in Worcester, the capital of our middle-of-nowhere part of the world. Taking pictures, happily unaware that something awful was happening 60 miles away in Boston. When we got home and the phone and email lit up, we… Read More ›