FADED ODDBALLS – Marilyn Armstrong

Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Oddball searching time has come around again. I’m pretty sure I took some pretty odd pictures recently. I’m NOT sure if I processed any of them yet. I might have to do that first!

Tinted dolls in the bedroom
Garry and the Duke
Tinted Philodendron
Tinted books in the hallway
Vines in the dining room against the French doors

All of these are sort of black and white but tinted so there is color, but faded.


ODDBALLS FOR THE WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

It’s hot out there. The dogs don’t even want to leave the house. Air-conditioning is on for the day. What to do?

Just a cushion. For the dogs.

It is beautiful outside. Beautiful, humid, with just enough sunshine to make it feel like a cooker. There isn’t anything unusual about this. We call this “summer” in New England.

In and out of the deli

I always laugh at people who somehow think we have this crisp weather here. Everyone takes pictures of New England in the fall and that is when we actually have crisp weather. But that is the only time we have it. The rest of the time it’s bitterly cold with mountains of snow. Hot, humid, and hazy, or layered in the mud.

Trying to get out-of-town. Futile and expensive.

Let me restate that: anywhere near the coast is like that. Probably if you live in Vermont in the mountains, it’s different. Actually anywhere far from the coast with some altitude generally gets less of the mucky weather, though this year, that hasn’t been true. It has actually been hotter north of here than in the valley.

The last time we did laundry … and it’s time to do it again.

That’s not usually the way it goes. The only place the weather has been typically typical is on the coast itself where the sea breeze drops the temperature and generally makes life more pleasant in the summer.

LIFE IS ONE LONG ODDBALL – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 3, 2018

The more complicated life gets, the more I yearn for some kind of simplicity. The thing is, I don’t really remember ever having a simple life unless we were on vacation. That was what the Vineyard was about, I think. It was very simple. If you stayed for a couple of weeks, you could easily forget you’d ever been anywhere else.

I’m beginning to think we really need a vacation. Probably not as much as we need an improved chimney.

Lost Dutchman now found
A bathroom in a bookshop
Betsy Wetsy as painted by Cezanne?


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 13, 2017

Can it really be the middle of August? Wasn’t it just the end of June last week?

When the only flower in the garden is Queen Anne’s Lace (from a more than reliable source!)  … it’s August!
Photo: Garry Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong
Petunias above


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 23, 2017

Last week during the “Pease” section of the black & white challenge, I got into plates. Antique plates from Japan and China. Decorative plates from Maine and locally. So this week, we have PLATES.

Holiday plates
Qing dish, early 19th century
1800s Japanese porcelain plate
Famille Rose plate, mid 19th century
Modern plates from Maine (note the blueberries) and Mexico
Modern Chinese porcelain


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: February 26, 2017

Sometimes, the cutest thing in the world are my dogs. I want to take other pictures, but then there are dogs.

They have a life of their own.



Then, the rest of life …






Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: January 29, 2017

It was a peaceful Sunday. After the almost frenzied pace of the past week, it was welcome.

Cozy corner of the living room, late afternoon.
Cozy corner of the living room, late afternoon.
A virtual moment on a Sunday afternoon
A virtual moment on a Sunday afternoon
Out through the air shaft at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center
Out through the air shaft at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center