Olympus E-PL5 vs. Olympus E-PM2, a surprise

Another case of great minds thinking alike, albeit for slightly different reasons.

Update: The price on the E-PM2 dropped today by $75 … so I bought it. I just wish I could have gotten it with a lens I don’t already have twice over. But it cost the same for the camera body without any lens or with the lens, so okay. Now I have three 14-42mm Olympus lenses. Anyone need an extra? Swap?

New Update (December 27, 2013): The price dropped again a couple of days ago, down to an average of $365 on Amazon (body only, no lens) and other places, too … depending (bizarrely) on what color you pick. Weird colors can be $100 cheaper, as little as $275 and honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what color the camera is outside as like as it takes gorgeous pictures!!



I looked out my window. The bright yellow trees have turned bronze, the scarlet maples are bare. But there, in the middle of the brown of November is one, bright tree — a Japanese Maple given to me years ago by my cousin. It has been lovingly nurtured for over a decade. Here is the last shining tree of Autumn 2013. The last tree standing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE SKY, BLUE SEA – BLUE HUE IS ME

The sky bright blue, accented with puffy white clouds and the water, taking its cue from the sky, felt that blueness was an appropriate choice for this day in autumn along the Atlantic coast.

The people came and went and oddly, though they could not have said way, felt the blueness too. Jackets and jeans, bags and bottles in shades of blue, all blue and bright with sun on a crisply beautiful day in Hyannisport.

Weekly Photo Challenge: THE HUE OF ME IS SCARLET

Scarlet Tree So. Yarmouth

The color is scarlet, the feeling is excitement. The mood is up and the sky is full of hope. The hue of me is bright and bold.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity – GRAND CANYON

Infinite Grand Canyon

Talk about infinity. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is overwhelming, almost incomprehensible in its vastness and seems to go on forever. Visually, it does.