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Having been hacked and fortunately gotten off relatively lightly, I’m wary about information being given away online. You can’t protect yourself entirely, especially as a blogger. No matter what you do, anyone with the will and interest can find out whatever they want about it … but within the limits of our abilities, I try to make sure I don’t leave the barn door open.

The lock might not be the best in town, but considering that the U.S. Government has been hacked and my bank has been hacked twice, as well as Adobe, Lands’ End, Equifax, Facebook … and who knows how many more have been taken down by hackers, I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything in my arsenal that would stop a determined hacker.

The requirements of writing mean that you are going to get at least a little bit personal. The question always remains, “HOW personal?” At what point does “personal” mean too much?

It doesn’t help that the stores, banks, and agencies we work with online appear to be easily hacked. In my case, material that got hacked on Facebook was sold or given (I suspect sold) to Cambridge Analytica who then sold my personal material to any hacker with the money to pay for their list. Of course, there was the recent international round of router hackers. I got a new router, but who knows if the new one has any more stopping power than the original? As far as protecting ourselves from people who hack people and steal their money for a living, we are relatively helpless.

All of this hacking stuff is some version of identity theft and short of not using any online stuff, which these days is nigh unto impossible, there’s no way we can prevent identity theft.

You do your best, but compared to the pros in the field, we don’t have a lot of power to protect ourselves. As soon as they invent a new “protection,” hackers figure out a way to tear it down.

So how public do we dare be? Most of us are already public, there’s not much to hide.

Whether you are a blogger or merely connect to accomplish normal business with banks and other organizations — like, say, the Motor Vehicles Department — we will always be a few steps behind the people who do it because that’s how they make a living.

I always wonder if the damage they do bothers them … or are they simply without any kind of conscience? I’m betting the latter.

In a more perfect world, we would have made sure everyone was well protected before we offered online service, but this is far from a perfect world. And apparently, getting less perfect minute-by-minute.


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Daily Prompt: Keep Out? No. Come On In!

When I started blogging, I decided I would never write anything I would be unwilling to share with anyone on earth, any member of my family — young or old. Former employers, colleagues, old boyfriends — wherever and whoever you are, this is public. Read it and weep, laugh, be happy for me, be jealous, whatever.


I hope you like what you find. I you don’t, that’s okay too. Be polite to me and all my other companions. Express yourselves with civility, kindness and intelligence and we will all get along in this best of all possible worlds. In other words, be nice and don’t piss me off.

There isn’t anybody I hope isn’t reading this. I have put a lot of effort into making this a site which might occasionally be controversial, but never smutty, nasty, or narrow-minded. Should I ever wander into that territory, feel free to sharply remind me!

Sorry WordPress.You ought to know, above all, right?  If I am not willing that the world read me, I shouldn’t post it. More to the point, if it isn’t good enough for everyone, it’s not good enough for anyone. I’m no child or a bubble-headed adolescent on Facebook thinking only my circle of friends will read my stuff.

A blog is public. You and you and you and you (yes, even you, over there, hiding behind the tree). I include you all. Welcome to my cyberhome.


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