Along the river’s edge are still ponds that become swamps. These are the places that nurture babies … baby fish and birds and other small creatures that live in and along the river. Rich in insect life, it’s a perfect nursery for the young. Plenty of stuff to eat and relatively save from human intrusion.

75-Green Pool Glow-2

And it’s surprisingly beautiful. It often reminds me of Japanese block prints. This particular piece of swamp is at an intersection where the river creates a pond and a little beach (you can swim there), the green pools, a small waterfall and rapids leading to a creek and then the river. Pretty. And hard to find!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus – Tall, high and far away

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background — Along the River

Behind the reeds, weeds, trees and a teenaged photographer, flows the Blackstone River. Springtime waits in the balance. 

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