Snowy Woods and Stream

Late winter snow in a Connecticut woods. The frozen stream waits for a bit of sunshine.  melting snow Melting snow runs down from high peaks, into creeks, over flowing waters, carry off layers of the forest floor, nutrients, twigs, leafs and… Read More ›


The big snow from early this month is melting. It’s good because that’s what has to happen, especially is the weather is not finished with us. If more snow is to come, better there be less snow and ice on… Read More ›

Glowering Sky

The weather is changing. The rain is ending and tomorrow will be a bright day, but colder. You can see bits of blue sky showing through the clouds. About half the snow has washed away, but there is so much… Read More ›


I was in my office on the upper level of my house. I’ve got a great view of the east side of our property. It was a very bright day. The sunlight on snow was almost blinding. I can understand… Read More ›

Lots of Snow

I could not go very far. To be exact, I could go as far as the snowblower had gone before and could take pictures only until my fingers froze. I had wanted to go back towards the woods, but the… Read More ›


It’s a gray, rainy day, more like November than January. It has been raining slowly but steadily since the middle of the night and there are no more than a few remnants of snow remaining on the ground. We need sunshine… Read More ›