solomon’s seal


CMMC May Colors Forest or Dark Green In the northeast, it’s too early for dark green trees. You won’t see leaves that color until the end of June at the earliest. The deepest greens don’t show up until August. But other… Read More ›


FOTD – February 26 – Solomon’s Seal Every spring, one of the first of the wildflowers to appear are Solomon’s Seal. This is purely a wildflower. They were growing along the edge of our woods. I encouraged them by giving them… Read More ›


Most of the flowers in our garden are technically wildflowers. I planted a lot of “real” flowers in the beginning, but most of them haven’t survived the wicked winters. Rather than fight a losing battle, I’ve preferred to let the hardier… Read More ›

Solomon’s Seal

One of the very few wildflowers that is truly a native to these shores, Solomon’s Seal is on the endangered list of wildflowers. They thrive in our woodland garden. There are many more in the woods. We planted just a couple… Read More ›