SPIDERWORT – Marilyn Armstrong

Flower of the Day

They are true blue, but for some reason no matter what camera I use, show up as purple. Something about the way the light hits it. I finally got them back to their natural color, which is a rich, cornflower blue.



The roses have no buds. The day lilies are tall and green, but no flowers. Not a single flower and I don’t even see buds. This weather has just stopped the flowers in their tracks. I’ve never seen this before, where the flowers just stop growing. I am hearing this from others, so this season has been a strange one.

The roses have no buds. Maybe they will develop late buds and do all their blooming at the end of June or even July? They typically have a long blooming life … but none at all? I can’t believe they won’t even throw a couple of random flowers. By now, they are usually covered with perfect little roses. So … other than the Columbine, we have a few spiderwort and a few wild strawberries. Everything is incredibly green, so maybe eventually we’ll have more.

Meanwhile, we don’t have the flowers we should have, but we sure do have a lot of Columbines!

Flowers of the Day