DARK VIOLET AND WHITE – Marilyn Armstrong


The new fuchsia! The shaded elegant flower.

I am very glad to have another after all these years, without any. Without even a place to buy one. I thought they’d stopped growing them. They only had two, both purple and white. This one looked younger and healthier with more buds.

With all the sadness, flower and birds and flying squirrels … and Duke sniffing for squirrels he knows are there, but hasn’t managed to find yet. One day, maybe they will meet. Then again, those squirrels are very fast.

Macro fuchsia – Dark violet and white

ATOP OF THE FEEDER – Marilyn Armstrong


They don’t have to fly very high. The flying squirrels just silently glide in and leave nothing to remind us they were here.

Meanwhile, the raccoons a total mess of seeds all over the deck. This brings in the Mourning Doves who are too big for the feeders, but love walking the deck and eating.





Andrew Cuomo, New York State’s Governor, seems about as sane and down-to-earth as anyone in government can be. Considering the damage to New York from COVID 19, he’s done about as well as anyone could have done, or at least that’s the way it seems.

Crushed chocolate – a delivery tragedy

In the meantime, his broth Chris and his weirdo wife — well, here’s a clip from the New York Post:

If you thought the antics of CNN blowhard Chris Cuomo could get any more cringe-worthy — his wife, Cristina, has put together a list of preposterous privileged preparations she used to battle COVID-19, including a vitamin IV drip, Peruvian tree bark, and bleach baths.

“Cristina, who herself was diagnosed with coronavirus last week, posted an eye-popping blog titled “The Cuomos’ Corona Protocol” on the website thepuristonline.com, saying, “Here’s what I did to push it out over the week,” adding this is “an opportunity to learn how to keep the immune system up.”

Proving herself to be the Gwyneth Paltrow of herbal medicine, Cristina’s list of supplements not exactly accessible to the common consumer include “Peruvian bark … essential to oxygenate the blood”; glutathione powder, an antioxidant; the medicinal florals xanthium — used to combat allergies and which some Chinese herbalists warn is toxic — and magnolia, used to reduce anxiety and inflammation; plus viracid, which includes black elderberries to boost the immune system.

… In what reads like a piece from The Onion, Cristina adds, “Both days, I added ½ cup of Clorox to my bathwater to combat the radiation and metals in my system and oxygenate it.” Adding a small amount of non-concentrated bleach to a bath is said by some to rid the skin of bacteria. However, doctors say the smell of bleach can trigger asthma and other breathing problems, and it is not recommended for skin with open cuts.

Now Chris Cuomo’s teenage son Mario has coronavirus.”

Who does their grocery shopping? I’m having trouble getting bread and fruit juice, or for that matter, fresh fruit. I haven’t had these kinds of cravings for food since a long-ago pregnancy. Last night there was nothing on earth I wanted more than a bacon and tomato sandwich. Garry concurred. He had two. I had one. A bit of mayo and voila! A sandwich to die for.

I was trying to figure out how to save it, but eventually gave up and tossed it.

Now I am waiting for a chocolate cake. I ordered the chocolate from Amazon — Ghiradelli, the good stuff. They ran over it with their truck so there’s another one on the way. Maybe I’ll make a white cake today. Or better yet, a lemon cake.

Afterward, I can promote it as yet one more yummy way to prevent catching the virus. You don’t even have to create a frosting made of bleach.

I can sell my recipe (I have to create the recipe first), but I used to be good at this until I gave up baking to save myself from morbid obesity. Now, it doesn’t seem to matter as much. I haven’t worn anything except sweat pants for months.

MAPLE FLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong


Everyone knows that Maple trees make really great syrup. Also, lovely green leaves and gorgeous scarlet ones in the autumn. But did you know that they also flower before they leaves open? These flowers are very up in the air.

I can only see them from the picture window in the living room, the second floor. This Maple has grown, so they now are close to the roof.

But yesterday, right before the rain began, I got a few photographs of the flowers. I  love the color, deep dusty pink with yellow centers. The yellow centers will grow a lot and become pollen.

WHO’S ON TOP – Marilyn Armstrong

Who’s on top

More Goldfinches at the feeder! We now have two big feeders, so we don’t have to feed the birds, squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and raccoons as often. I don’t think even our crowd of creatures can empty these feeders in a day.

I could be wrong, but I do not think I am. I think we’ll get two, maybe three days before we are seriously empty.

Who is on top? Position change momentarily.

I think the flyer is on top!

BIRDS AT THE TOP OF THE TREE – Marilyn Armstrong

Birds at the top of the tree

You would think with all these birds I’d take more pictures of birds in trees, but it’s hard when there are leaves. The only time in summer I see them is when they are gorging on the seeds.

So these non-feeder pictures are different. Usually, I managed to follow a bird from the feeder to where he or she landed in the branches. Winter is easier, but the birds are prettier in the summertime.

Okay, not a tree, but definitely a perch!

A winter Cardinal in a tree

Red-Bellied Woodpecker high in a tree

Dove in a tree

Cardinal in a tree



When the power came back on last night, I managed to format enough pictures for your squares, but there are a lot more. And I took some more today, though I haven’t yet downloaded them. I have quite a few more in this batch to process.

I don’t know if I will do all of them. Maybe I’ll save a few for later. Right now, my yellow sunbeam birds are brightening the forest and my life.

I need the sunshine they bring with them!



Part of the flock

They fly in groups all over the woods like beams of sunshine

More Goldfinches and who is on top?