Black & White Sunday: Layers

This is one of those prompts that I find complicated because it’s so simple. It mean so many things and can be interpreted in many ways. I love Paula’s photograph showing layers of history. Lacking layers of history, here are two photographs, the first from me, the second from Garry:


Through the arch passing under Boston’s Statehouse


Through the fence to the iron cowboy in Arizona


Black & White Sunday: Stronghold

According to the Learner’s Dictionary STRONGHOLD is:
: an area where most people have the same beliefs, values, etc.: an area dominated by a particular group
The area/district/state is a Republican stronghold.
: a protected place where the members of a military group stay and can defend themselves against attacks
The rebels retreated to their mountain stronghold.
: an area where a particular type of uncommon animal can still be found
The last stronghold of the endangered deer.

This is Massachusetts’ Statehouse, from the back. It shows the tunnel that runs beneath it, originally designed to allow traffic to pass unimpeded. It has been closed for years, not unlike most of the minds within. This is a stronghold … of exactly what, you are free to decide for yourself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward to the Statehouse


Boston at night, December 2012

The State House Dressed for the Holidays

Boston State House - Night

Boston State House – Night

Boston is genuinely beautiful at night. The only other city I’ve lived in that exceeds it is Jerusalem and she is in a class of her own… and an entirely different experience.

New York is exciting, but it’s not (mostly) a pretty city .Impressive, almost overwhelming … but Boston is elegant. It has vistas. It’s a good place to visit … and a good place to live, too. Except for the weather. And the parking and traffic. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Boston at night ... by the Statehouse, across from the Common.

Boston at night … by the Statehouse, across from the Common.