Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways – The October Tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Snow Sky and the Day After


Mid afternoon, the day before the biggest snow in 20 years — 29 inches fell that night in the valley, but more in other places not far away including Boston which got more than 30 inches — the sky had that peculiar luminosity that we call “a snow sky” in New England. Probably everywhere. There was already some snow cover from earlier snows. That’s what it’s like here. From first snow, as early as October until whenever spring decides to come … anytime from March through late April … the ground is white.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering Clouds

storm coming

The clouds move in and the rain will follow. Until drops fall, there’s beauty to the dark of an oncoming storm. A sense of expectation. Maybe it’s the ozone in the air, the crackle of unexploded lightning. The river flows, uncaring, to its destination miles away.