WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge


WORDPRESS WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: COLLAGES Technically, these aren’t really collages. Each is a solarization of a room in the house – living room, dining room, and kitchen. Wide angle, from various vantage points. Although these aren’t “pasted together,” they give… Read More ›


“Order in the court!” The judge banged the gavel and the audience sat up, almost at attention. “There will be a quiz on Friday,” announced the biology teacher. The classroom came instantly to order. My life is not orderly or… Read More ›


PHOTO CHALLENGE: Evanescent If you want to get philosophical about this, everything is evanescent. Life, the world, and the universe and all things in it. Nothing is forever. The flowers will fade and bubbles will pop. The rainbow will be gone even… Read More ›


DANGEROUS DOGS PROWLING PERIMETER! After a nearly hysterical FedEx delivery man was panicked by our dogs — who were inside their fence when he decided to climb it — I decided we needed a firm warning to all potential intruders!… Read More ›