ONCE IN A LIFETIME – Marilyn Armstrong

I don't envy much. I've never needed the biggest house or the fastest car. Fashion doesn't tempt me and success for me has always meant having enough. Spare would be nice, but enough will do. I don't need popularity. A few good friends and some companionable other acquaintances are just fine. But you, over there? … Continue reading ONCE IN A LIFETIME – Marilyn Armstrong


I keep hearing that "age is just a number." If that's true, then youth is also just a number. The whole "number" part of aging applies only to the years you've (so far) survived. The remainder of the equation has to do with how your body is doing. Whether you still have mostly original equipment or have had to install after-market replacements. … Continue reading LIFE CONTINUES WHEN YOUTH HAS FLED


Once again, WordPress is kindly offering to let me partake of a magical moment ... in fact, magic itself. A drink from the very Fountain of Youth itself! What senior citizen could turn down such a great offer? I'm a little suspicious. I know I've gotten more than a bit cynical over the years, but … Continue reading CONTEMPLATING AN ETERNITY OF YOUTH