Hello, readers, bloggers and inhabitants of the 3rd planet from the sun: My name is Rich and my plan is simple: to provide a few thought-provoking minutes every Sunday and sometimes in between just for the fun of it. Every topic is fair game because every topic is my life, and your life too.

rich paschall

Your friends and family touch you, politics affect you, climate chills or warms you, music soothes or rocks you, movies entertain you and taxes burden you. I might grab something from the news or from the back pages of my mind. Whatever it is on any given Sunday, I hope it brings you back on another Sunday to visit again. Humor, satire, news, entertainment, and sometimes poetry or short stories will be found here. Feel free to jump in with comments. Dialogue is a good thing and something we might be able to demonstrate to the aliens inside the beltway.

I have a blog of my own: SUNDAY NIGHT BLOG as well as a Facebook page, so please drop by and see what else I’m doing.

Meanwhile, I have been invited to hijack Sundays on Serendipity — and other days too — to present short stories and essays about life. I’m glad to be part of the Serendipity family and hope you’ll visit often.



  2. I apologize for what I said. I was wrong. I was angry. Of course, you are entitled to your space. That’s sacred – a God given right. And no one must enter there without permission.

    In that, I say Farewell.

    In parting though, I wish to express something – if I may.

    None of us ‘Scott Free’ here. Nobody on ‘Easy Street’. We all have our demons, Our pain. Physical, mental, emotional, psychological, Spiritual, sexual … whatever ??? And everyone is striving to find someone who can who not just listen, but can hear them, help them. I definitely have my own stuff. And in all this, I try to help others.



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