Divide and conquer?

A house divided against itself cannot stand?

Divide the pie equally among all of you.


We divide to share, but we also divide to avoid sharing. Sometimes, we divide our share so someone else — who has nothing — can have some too.


Lately, dividing seems to involve building walls and separating us from one another. To protect us? It that it?

There is Hadrian’s Wall. The Romans built it. It never protected them. The Great Wall of China did not protect the Chinese from the Mongols.

What are we protecting? Walls lock people in as much or more than they keep Others out. Walls define a prison. Are we going to build a giant American prison?

Shall we rewrite the Constitution to open with the deathless line: We the prisoners of the United States … ?


We cannot wall out the world nor any part of it. We don’t live on isolated islands. The oceans do not protect us from Others. If we are not protected by mighty oceans and mountain ranges that scrape the clouds, how much less effective will be any wall we build?

72-Almost Sunset-Scorpion-Gulch-New-GAR-011016_587

The answer isn’t dividing. It’s including. Figuring out — finally –at this late date in human history to live together. In peace. With tolerance, affection, and justice. Maybe even love.

72-Almost Sunset-Scorpion-Gulch-New-GAR-011016_455

Different isn’t dangerous. It’s our fear of differences which is the danger.



From Cee: This week’s topic is Things that are Wet. Wet is open to a lot of interpretations. It can be the ocean or as small as a drop of water. Something can look wet. Signs have wet wood in them. Rain, snow and slush are all quite wet.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

From “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (text of 1834)

Rain and leaves


hyannisport harbor boat dock autumn



cee's fun foto chall



From Cee: For your assignment I would like to see at least 4-6 photos showing complimentary photos and which colors each photo represents.

I’ve always like working in complementary colors. I decorate in complementary colors and tend to dress that way as well. Contrast is exciting, but I love the subtlety you can get with a complementary color scheme.

Greens, grays, tan, browns seamlessly blend. Soothing, isn’t it?

Red, orange, violet, pink, gold … nobody does it better than nature!

Blues and greens, with contrasting yellow and gold. Again, nature does it best.

Winter has the palest palette. Off white and beige … sometimes with accents of blue sky or a bright object in the foreground. It’s beautiful and elegant, but by spring, we are all eager for color!

Nature’s natural palette is a pretty good guide to complementary colors. The woods in summer with green, brown, tans … then the wild autumn orange and reds, the sunrise colors of pink, red, violet.

It doesn’t get better than that.


map of mongol invasion paths

A little more than a year ago, I got to thinking about blood type. I wondered how come I have a B+ blood while everyone in my family is type O or A. Every time I’m asked my blood type and I say “B positive,” the doctor looks askance and says “We’ll just double-check that.” Because I shouldn’t have that blood type … but I do.

I decided to do a little research. See if I could learn something about where I come from using this tidbit.

Blood type O: the Americas

Blood type O: the Americas

It turns out, B-type people are universally less common than O and A.

I discovered that there is a high probability I have some Asian — Siberian, Mongolian, Chinese, Indian — ancestor. Genghis Khan made serious inroads into Europe and I am probably proof of it.

The incidence of type B is low amongst Jews (my folks). Low everywhere. It’s not unheard of, nor so infrequent as to be considered rare, but it’s not common.

Among native peoples in the western hemisphere, type O is basically 100%. Many scientists theorize “O” as the “original” human blood type with all other types having mutated from it.

That’s one theory, anyhow.

map golden horde

This is a bit of a hot topic because in a few places, notably Japan, blood typing has been used to categorize people as inferior,

There are always racists looking for a way to prove they are superior to everyone else. At least one group claims people of B type blood are descendants of Neanderthals while O and A are descended from Cro-Magnon. This is pure speculation based on not a particle of research.

Worse, there are pockets of racists who contend that A is the only pure Aryan blood type. On what evidence did they base this?

None. Nada. Nothing. Zero. No proof of any kind. They probably decided this because Aryan starts with an A.

Overall in the world, B is the rarest ABO blood allele. Only 16% of humanity has it. It reaches its highest frequency in Central Asia and Northern India. 

B is not a dominant blood type anyplace. It is most common in the Philippines and Siberia, lowest in the Americas. Exceedingly rare in the British Isles and Scandinavia. The highest percentage it reaches is 38% of the population in the Philippines. The middle East is more or less evenly divided into all three major blood types. If this shows some kind of migratory pattern for our ancestors, no one can prove it.

It turns out there is no universally accepted theory of the origins of man. Scientists and other theorists can’t even agree on whether or not we have the same progenitors.

blood types around the world

So after all this, I don’t know (for sure) more than I did when I started. Yet there is something to be learned from the distribution of blood types in the world. Unfortunately, no one is sure exactly what.


So, did you learn anything?

I did learn a bit about blood types and inheritance in the course of this. My mother was O+ and by father A+ … so … where do I come from? The answer is that no matter what they say on television, it’s not that simple. There are at least 25 sub-types of blood, recessive genes … and mutations. The possibilities are literally, endless. So, when all is said and done, if you look like your parents, they’re your parents.

It’s also possible my blood type shows somewhere in my dim, distant ancestral history, a soldier from the Golden Horde left his DNA behind. I’m sure there is a story there.

I wish I knew more. So romantic.