ATTITUDE – A PHOTO A WEEK CHALLENGE – #FOWC- Marilyn and Garry Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Attitude & #FOWC I once took a series of pictures of Garry. All of them came out kind of dull. He looked at them. I looked at them. He said, "Why didn't you tell me I needed to give you some 'attitude'?" That was, believe it or not, the first time … Continue reading ATTITUDE – A PHOTO A WEEK CHALLENGE – #FOWC- Marilyn and Garry Armstrong

BIG GUY AND THE CARDINAL – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP #72 – CAT This is a favorite story of Big Guy, the best cat ever, with pardon asked of every other best cat in the world. Because there are so many best cats! Several years before the priest scandal destroyed Cardinal Law’s career, Garry was friends with him. Not close pals, but more than acquaintances. … Continue reading BIG GUY AND THE CARDINAL – Marilyn Armstrong


All that cream and milk didn't make Garry's tummy happy, so I decided to try a different chowder. I didn't have more clams, but I had frozen shrimp. You can make this same chowder using any seafood from shrimp to haddock. I think shellfish is easier and less likely to fall apart, but it's entirely … Continue reading MANHATTAN SHRIMP CHOWDER – Marilyn Armstrong

THE TINTED BOUQUET – Marilyn Armstrong

FLOWERS OF THE DAY - TINTED DAISIES! When Garry brought these home, they came with a note from the florist that all these flowers were tinted. They also said they could create flowers of any color you want. Create your own bouquet! Apparently, daisies are the flower of choice. They water them with vegetable dye … Continue reading THE TINTED BOUQUET – Marilyn Armstrong