KEEP RIGHT ON GOING, By Rich Paschall Sunday Night Blog If you are a fisherman, and perhaps even if you are not, you can understand the frustration that comes with the sport. That is, you go out knowing fish are swimming all around you. Maybe a lot of them and you are ready to reel them in.  You … Continue reading DON’T TAKE THE BAIT – RICH PASCHALL

AUTUMN ALONG THE CANAL – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – as NIGHTS GROW COLD Summer never wanted to end, or so it seemed. As we entered October and all the trees were still green, I gave up hoping for a sudden turnaround. Instead of a cold snap, it seemed to steam up. Then we got one cold night, more heat, humidity, and rain. … Continue reading AUTUMN ALONG THE CANAL – Marilyn Armstrong


A Firestorm of Misinformation, Rich Paschall There are always items in the news that bring out the social media commentators. There's the economy, some collusion, and Supreme Court appointments. There are Trade tariffs and Trade Agreements. There is religious freedom and freedom of speech. It is that Freedom of Speech thing that lets the haters and misinformed … Continue reading HATE, ANGER AND SOCIAL MEDIA

ODDBALLS – Marilyn Armstrong

Oddball Challenge: October 18, 2018 I don't even remember the pictures I've taken this month. I know some of them were odd, maybe even weird ... but in the pile of pictures we've taken, I don't remember the details. I do remember the first picture, though. My problem turned out to be where I had put … Continue reading ODDBALLS – Marilyn Armstrong