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America’s Burning

Count the faces. Take a tally
of the peaceful protest rally.
Their routine is most well-planned,
masks in place, placards in hand.

Enter police. Down on belly!!!
Enter newscasters for telly.
Teargas in the people’s park,
Truckloads arrive after dark.

Rioting and smashing glass.
Other dark deeds come to pass.
Using protest for excuse
to bring discord and spread abuse.

Violence becomes routine.
Authority a cruel machine.
A whole nation comes to grieve
the loss of what most folks believe.

An orange bigot, Bible raised,
pontificates, posturing, crazed.
A landmark of our country’s pride,
struck by a flash as freedom died.

Has our nation come to this?
This puffed-up, prideful bag of piss?
Shame on a country who listens to
a fool who’s rotten through and through.

Let sane men take the lead  and bring
some sanity to everything.
Equality and fairness reign
under a government more sane.

People stand up. Demand the best.
Do not give up. We cannot rest.
Seize back the country we have sold
to men who only care for gold.

Give succor to the halt and lame.
Do not play the money game
subsidizing rich man’s greed
instead of helping those in need.

Color is just an outer skin
and not a mark of shame or sin.
Use these sad times to make a start
to start to recognize the heart

that unites men from every nation,
every interest, every station.
Save our earth and save mankind.
Restore justice, and make her blind!!

Source: America’s Burning | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown


I didn’t think we could organize enough people, but Owen says we have TWO PROTESTORS. One at each (major?) intersection carrying signs. Maybe by tomorrow, we will have three.

I think it’s a miracle especially since Garry is one of only a few dark-skinned people in town.

Arrests in northern BC prompt protests in two Powell River ...

By the end of the week, we could have as many as half a dozen protestors. It means that at least some people in this town understand that something important is happening. It’s nice to know that even out here, people are thinking.

HATS! – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hats

I used to love hats and I wore them a lot, especially when we were down on the Vineyard and didn’t drive much. But when there was work and driving, the brims just kept knocking into the seat behind me and I wound up having to take them off. And there was no place to store them at work, either. no hat racks anymore.

Conference of the great ones
Portrait of an Ana McGuffy
Dolls with hats all lines up
Someone left his hat and gloves on the bar. Maybe it was you?

SHARING MY WORLD – JUNE 2020 – Marilyn Armstrong



How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

Garry receiving his Broadcasting Hall of Fame award – September 2013

As it happens, I was a broadcast/public speaking major (after being a music major and before becoming a philosophy major) and I’m a pretty good public speaker if I’m talking to live people, not a camera. I need to see people’s faces. I don’t do well if it’s all cameras.

What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave?

A flush toilet.

What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible?

So I sent my best friend some new shampoo and conditioner because the iron in her water is doing some serious damage. It’s a small package and you would think that Amazon could at least get THIS ONE right, but nope. To be precise, the post office did the final screw up, but it was such a simple thing.. Just sending a small gift to a friend. Instead, it wound up an INCIDENT. Another INCIDENT. The whole point of ordering online is to simplify life, not make it more complicated!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve observed someone get upset about? 

Nothing. I’ve seen people get really upset about nothing at all and when you finally calm them down and ask them what the problem was, they do not know.

Please feel free to share something that gave you an uplifted spirit during this past week.  

I think I got a refinance on a really bad loan I signed. I’ll know for sure in a couple of days, but if it works out — and it should — it will give us enough money to fix some of the stuff that needs repair.