According to my calendar, this is National Hemp Month. It’s perfect for us because it is growing on the deck and looking exceedingly healthy. Not ready for harvesting, but it is definitely working on it.

From the calendar:


Every July, National Hemp Month celebrates the roaring comeback of one of the world’s most useful and versatile plants – hemp.

For more than 80 years, laws banning cannabis also exiled hemp, even though it’s not intoxicating. Now, legal advancements are changing how people view and access hemp. National Hemp Month offers an occasion to rediscover hemp and its usefulness for both people and the environment.

Hemp provides an all-natural, eco-friendly fiber with many applications, ranging from clothing to paper to “hempcrete.” As a crop, it helps clean pollutants from the soil. Hemp also provides a rich source of CBD, the hottest new addition to the health and wellness world.

Given the state of the state, the state of the planet and all the nations on it, the state of our finances, the state of employment or lack thereof. and the general demoralized state of just about everything everywhere, cook up some edibles. Let the ugliness of life roll on past while you dream of better days that were and hopefully, will be again.

As a note for people who are wondering how bad it is? It hit 100.4 degrees F in Siberia yesterday and 96 in Maine. A hot time in the old town tonight!