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GarryCloseSmileTIGHTGarry Armstrong will be on NECN (New England Cable News) this evening, from 6PM to 6:15PM — possibly a few minutes longer.

NECN’s Broadside With Jim Braude is a nightly news and analysis program carried in six states in New England.

The subject is President Obama’s speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The program is LIVE at 6 p.m. from their studio in Newton. Garry met Dr. King quite a few times and was present in Washington for the march.

If you live anywhere in the New England area, you can probably get the show. Check your local listing for information. See you later!

Republicans and Democrats can be friends? OMG!!

When I read this comment, it was posted in regard to the YouTube video of President Barack Obama’s dedication speech at yesterday’s MLK Memorial. I was horrified :

“… the Republicans and Democrats hold hands behind your backs. It’s like pro wrestling, they act like they’re enemies in front of you but are good friends behind you. Why do you think they always agree on the key issues and have been seen many times spending time together, attending functions together, and even eating together. It is all a hoax to control the people. Research Obama’s evil policies he has instilled without the public knowledge. He will end life as you know, impeach this traitor!”

Is anyone really that naïve? It’s not his politics that appall me, though they are appalling. It’s his belief that people who disagree can’t be friends.

Of course they are friends. They work together, eat together and know each others’ wives and kids. They are human beings, not only politicians. Just as the district attorney, the defense attorneys and the judges are friends.


Does anyone really think otherwise? Why would they not be friends? They are not on opposing teams. Quite the opposite: everyone in Congress is on the same team. American. The good of the nation is what they are supposed to stand for, not their party and its politics. They represent us, but ultimately, they represent the country.

Does this person also think baseball or football players on opposing teams don’t socialize off the field? That our professional lives so dominate us we don’t also have personal lives?

To know there are so many people who hate so much they have lost touch with reality scares me more than anything else going on in this country.

Regardless, it’s a fine speech, no matter what your political persuasion may be. I have posted it so if you missed it, you can catch up.

We are all people first. We aren’t what we do or even what we believe. We aren’t Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives. We are men and women, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Sisters and brothers. Friends. Above all else, human. There are — and ought to be — allegiances which supersede political labels. Too many people are too busy hating to remember tolerance, reconciliation and love.

Intolerance is the evil we must forever fight. It’s the cause of war, murder, genocide and cruelty. It has saturated all of history with blood. It’s the thing that is fundamentally wrong with the world.

Tis a gift to be simple … or is it?

If you love it, set it free … Really?

The whole quote is:

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be. – Unknown

We yearn for simple answer to complex questions. But honestly, do you genuinely believe it’s what your spouse, lover or friend wants? To be set free? To be let go? Doesn’t this sound like a bogus excuse for dumping someone you wanted to get rid of anyway, but couldn’t find an excuse beyond “Wow, I’m really up for something new. See you around, okay? … I’m outta here!”

Sayings … platitudes … are a cheesy way to over-simplify the complexities of life. Especially when you can’t think of a good exit line. Kind of like using “My dear, I don’t give a damn.” and pretending to be Rhett Butler on your way out the door … or mumbling “No, no, no it ain’t me babe … ” thus attempting (and failing) to make someone think you’re Bob Dylan incarnate. Dylan was personally a social loser despite enormous talent as a poet — but lord, he could NOT sing worth a plugged nickel and still can’t …

Which is why his songs always sound so much better when his ex girlfriend, Joan Baez, sings them. I’m just saying …

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

This is the anniversary of when I discovered this great piece of real estate. Is it still for sale? It’s still on the Internet, but as we all know, things stay permanently in cyberspace. Regardless, if you are (rightfully) concerned about the zombie apocalypse, this is the house for you!

– – –

Until I started using Facebook, I honestly never much worried about the zombie apocalypse. Naiveté? Maybe.

In my innocence, I worried about other things … the Republican Party taking over both houses of Congress … lack of health care … polluting our environment … cutting down the rain forests … extinction of so many species … whether or not I was going to survive cancer and if I’d continue to be able to afford to have a roof over my head. Some sage — no, I don’t remember who it was — said you can only worry about 7 things at a time. As soon as you add another one, one of the previous batch just goes away. Maybe my poor brain just had no room to worry about zombies,  much less the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

But then Facebook became a part of my world and soon I realized that I had been remiss. I wasn’t worrying about the truly important stuff. What WOULD I do when the crazed zombies attacked?

When I saw this property for sale, I realized the solution was at hand. Suddenly, my mind was at peace. Because I really care about all of you, I am passing along this important information. Maybe we could create a group and buy it, forming a commune that would be a safe haven against the day of The Big Attack.

Who knows? Here’s a link for those of you with the foresight to know a great deal when you see one … plus a few juicy pictures to whet your appetite. I feel so much better now that I’ve shared this critical information and solved one of the big problems facing the world today.

It looks perfectly normal from above.

A second view of the house and it’s sub levels.

It’s when you start going down to lower levels that you realize you’ve come to the perfect safe house.

Aerial view

Aerial view

Just a beautiful house in the mountains … that’s all you see from the air. Near beautiful woods, lakes and streams. Idyllic. Room for everything, even your own aircraft.

And it gets better the deeper you go. Literally.


Underground, you have a whole complete world. Check out the media room.

Really great media room!

Safe from the hoards of flesh-eating, lurching zombies. Secure? Here’s secure!

Worry no more. We have your back if you have the check.



The Zombie Vs. Robot War Continues — ZVR DIPLOMACY

ZVR Diplomacy — Zombies vs. Roberts, Edited by Jeff Conner

275 Pages

coverZVR32108-mediumThe Zombie versus Robot wars continue and expand. No longer confined to local skirmishes, the war between the Zombies and the Robots has become an international battle. The undead meet the never living in an apocalypse sure to delight Zombie and Robot fanciers alike.

ZVR Diplomacy takes you to heart of the ongoing war that seems foreordained to be a no-win. For Zombie versus Robot aficionados, there’s something for everyone in this new collection of original short stories, all set in the United States or Russia. These are sure to satisfy your every itch for gore and glory.

Writers from around the globe sent their offering to IDW’s Lab of Loathsome Literature for inclusion in this volume: the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK and even Russia (proving you can’t predict where you’ll find ex-pat American sci fi writers). This is an intriguing, uniquely focused bunch of stories, not merely about battles, but about — of all things — diplomacy.

Diplomacy? Can you negotiate with Zombies? How? For that matter, Zombies and Robots are not natural pals; they have nothing about which to negotiate. Zombies want brains and more brains. Robots, creatures of metal, wire and circuitry have nothing Zombies want — except that the bots get out of the way so the Zombies can get to the biological brain creatures. Negotiate?

Well, not exactly. Okay, not really. Great title, but there isn’t any negotiating going on that I could detect, at least not as I understand it. More like fighting Zombies and trying to find their weaknesses so we can kill them faster and more efficiently. Is that diplomacy? I’d call it tactics. Perhaps the title strains credulity just a bit. Do not expect round tables and formal treaties. This is much closer to calculated slaughter. When dealing with Zombies, that’s likely to be as good as it gets.

Desperate battles are set in dystopic future Earths where The Bombs have taken a massive civilian toll. Or on a similarly dsytopic Earth where the bombs haven’t yet fallen, but might fall soon.


Human failures in leadership allow the Zombie threat to become too powerful to easily stop. If it weren’t for the Warbots, the Zombies would have knocked off human life before we knew who the enemy was, leaving the eternal question: what would the Zombies do after they’ve wiped out people? Eat animals? Each other? You gotta wonder.

There are lots of great images. My particular favorite is the British King smoking what he believes will be his final cigarette on the balcony of Buckingham palace … waiting for atombots to come and blow everything to hell and gone. Zombies, people, everything. He’s wondering if that will be a victory. Is total annihilation victory? Always a good question. Don’t expect an answer. In fact, don’t expect any answers. This isn’t that kind of book.


Stories by Steven Lockley, Rio Youers, Robert Hood, Gary McMahon, Ekaterina Sedia, Simon Clark, Dale Bailey, and Simon Kurt Unsworth — all top writers in the zombie horror and robot mayhem genre are included in this compilation of ongoing ZVR wars.

The illustrations by Michael Dubisch are great. If I hadn’t read a word of any of the stories, I would have been happy just looking at the pictures. If you are a fancier of graphic arts, these are superb. The book is worth it just for the illustrations. Kudos to the artist. Very well done Mr. Dubisch!


Thirty-one stories, some of which are quite long. You can get involved and stay awhile. And there’s plenty of variety of style, so if one story isn’t quite your cuppa tea, the next one probably is. Each story is conceptually unique and stylistically different.

For fans of the Zombie-Robot wars, ZVR Diplomacy is a must-have. There’s plenty to read, great illustrations, more than enough action, battles, bots, zombies, mass destruction, guts, gore and triumph to satisfy anyone who likes this genre.

I’m not a big Zombie fancier, yet even I was well-entertained. Much to my surprise. If this is your thing, you won’t want to miss it. It’s available on Kindle and paperback.