Downtown Putney, Vermont
Downtown Putney, Vermont

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2014 #21

It was as if we spent all of October in the car. It’s not true, of course. We spent most of October on the ground, somewhere in New England.


Massachusetts to Maine, Maine to Vermont, Vermont to Massachusetts, Uxbridge to Hadley and then once more around. Whoo hoo.


These are pictures we took while driving through various towns in Maine and Vermont. In Putney, we stopped for lunch at a charming local diner.


If I could have taken that diner home with me, I’d have packed it into my car and set it up around the corner in Uxbridge.


21 thoughts on “OCTOBER COMING HOME”

  1. I really like the road atlas reflecting off of the glass — creative shot, that one. The rest are lovely, especially that lake in the last photo. I imagine the trees are bare that far north by now?


  2. Lovely colors !!! My sister and her husband are in Scotland presently. They both are on 10 days trip to London. I envy both of them. How I wish I could join them but as a defense personal’s wife I have to take the clearance and intimate the head quarters about my move. I am hopeful that I will see all these places in person one day. By that time you will be hale and hearty and no more painful injections. 🙂

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    1. I’m pretty sure that it was country music for us, too. I’m not sure why country goes so very well with driving. Folk and country. It’s a great match. I have to watch out for bluegrass because it tends to be “pedal to the metal” music 🙂

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      1. You left out my “side” trip from Hadley to Long Island and back. No need for pictures there. But time to listen to my old sweetheart Joan Baez. She’s still fightin’ those causes. Fortunately, she’s still has that exquisite voice that gives me goose pimples with those high notes. Time to rest awhile now. Ya think, Probie?


  3. You will have lovely memories of the road trips you took this autumn. I loved the atlas shot too. We are very much map readers rather than GPS users and as the non driver navigating is my job. Makes me want to get in the car and go somewhere.


    1. I actually find maps easier to use (and more accurate) than any of the GPS’s I’ve owned (4? 5?). They give me a better sense of where I am relative to the rest of the world. I actually can’t navigate large distances without a real map. And an atlas never has a battery go flat — or can’t find enough satellites.


        1. If you blindly follow a GPS, sooner or later, you’ll wind up at the bottom of a river or stuck on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Of all the things I have against them, their mindless inability to figure out that you want to go to the big hospital and not the dead end street, is my biggest. Before we go on a major excursion, I always look up directions from a couple of sources … reality checks in case my GPS is going to send me on one of those side trips to nowhere.

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    1. This autumn was a treat. I don’t remember a more beautiful season ever. It started in September too and it was November before it finally let go. And the weather was superb. I’m so glad to have all the pictures 🙂


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