Referring to the little script that will redirect your “new post” interface back to the “classic” version as opposed to the “improved posting experience” that is in no way an improvement — it works.

This morning, for the first time since I selected “keep the classic interface” back when WordPress first tried to foist this crap software on us, they tried to send me to the new version instead of the old. I guess they finally cleared out the default I had set. So the new one flashed for half a second on the screen and the script intercepted it and I was back where I want to be.

For anyone still battling with the blockheads of WordPress, I strongly suggest you install the redirect into your browser. It will let you continue to blog the way you always have. It’s not going to solve the problem forever because WordPress is never going to give up.

The blogging platform that is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

The blogging platform which is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Microsoft has demonstrated why this is a terrible idea, that forcing users to “do it” your way when they don’t want to, not only doesn’t work, but can transform your customers into someone else’s customers.

Microsoft has generated a lot of business for Apple and Linux while trying to convince us that Windows 8 isn’t garbage. WordPress thinks they can do the same, but get different results.

It’s marketing 101 and obviously, they don’t get it. They cannot force their will on people. Not here, not now, not in 2015 on the Internet. All they are doing is getting people to rethink if they want to continue blogging while searching for other platforms.

Please, visit How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface on It works. And when it is working, you can work, too. At least until they figure out another way to blow us out of the water.

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  1. So far, when I go to write a new post, I’m still sent to the “classic” page, but I think, just in case, I’m going to have to follow these directions. I use both Firefox and Chrome, so I suppose I’ll have to make it work for both. Just one more thing to do. Good old WordPress.


    • I was also getting the classic page and then I had to restore my computer to undo a mess I made … and it started trying to send me to that new horror. I was SO glad i had installed the script because there’s no link back any more.

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      • Are you talking about when you go to edit an existing post, or when you create a new one? I can still get to the “classic” version when I hit “My Sites” and then “WP Admin” and then click “Post” and “Add New.” But if I am at an old post and click “edit,” that’s when it takes me to Beep Beep Boop. And I want to go the the classic, but there’s no longer the link to take you back there.


        • The redirect script works on all of them. The edit link when you are editing an existing post is the one that flashes the new one for a second, then goes to the old one now. It was taking me to the old one until I restored the system. It must have undone the setting I made way back when this all began. I really hate that new editor.

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  2. It reminds me of how my mother always used to complain when a product we used was changed. “New improved!” she’d grumble. She knew that our pets would not eat “new, improved” pet food and she would have to spend weeks looking for a brand they would eat. WordPress should have had my mum working for them. “If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.” is a good motto.
    I installed the new script too so I can blog they way I like to do it.


    • I feel like they are out to get me. I don’t understand why they are doing this. It isn’t to anyone’s benefit, not even theirs. Glad you installed the script. Glad I did too because this morning, they undid the link that automatically sent me to the old form and the script has been intercepting it and returning it to the one that works.

      There is no logical reason for why they are apparently trying to get all of their veteran bloggers to give up and leave.


  3. I’ve never seen this new editor. The posting page always tells me to “switch to the new improved posting experience” but I’ve avoided clicking it in case I get stuck on it. Looks like that was a wise move 🙂


    • Eventually, it will not give you a choice and will automatically switch you to the “new improved” experience. It got to me today and I was very glad I’d installed the redirect script. The new one flashes on the screen for half a second, then it goes to the “classic” (read: usable) version.

      You should install the script. They have removed the “way back” link to the version that works. You will NOT like the new one. It is new. But it isn’t improved. It’s kind of the “new, downgraded, missing critical functionality” version. It sucks.

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      • This is not an unusual occurrence, many software companies are doing it. I know you’re not a Mac user but recently google mail has decided it is no longer supporting the version of Safari browser I’ve been using since 20XX, yet Apple doesn’t offer an upgrade for the OS, on the iMac computer, I’m using and the computer will not take the OS that will satisfy all parties involved. The straw broke when my Tax software will no longer work on this computer either since it requires a higher OS not available for this one. Bottom line is I had to buy a new (used) iMac more advanced than this one. Ironically I still get my mail and can surf the internet just fine.., so it’s just Google Mail, so far, that’s opted out of responsibility for whatever happens if you continue to use this version of the Safari browser. It’s all so sordid! BTW, did you know that you can still use a dial telephone with a 4 prong adaptor and it is powered by the phone line not your house AC. WOW! some things that were good, are still good.


        • It’s not just Google. It’s Mac refusing to cooperate with Google. All these big computer/software giants are busy battling each other. They’ve lost sight of a minor detail: US.

          One of the reasons I stopped buying Macs is because of constantly having to upgrade to a new computer. Ironically, the iPad 3 I bought upgraded without any problem to the latest greatest iOS, 8 point whatever it is. There’s a Chrome App and a separate gmail app for it, but I just use Chrome and open gmail on it. I don’t like the special gmail app. It seems to be three or four hours slow collecting the mail.

          Somehow, these companies forget WE are the customers. They aren’t their own customers. Microsoft thought they could force Win 8 down users’ throats. That went terribly wrong and I hear Win 10 (no Win 9, straight to 10) brings back the “classic” Windows interface and style of work. They sure did give Mac a boost for the past couple of years while they learned that people still have the freedom to say “screw you” and take their business elsewhere.

          Many of the mighty have fallen. Remember DEC? Wang? EMC? Grumman? Northrup? Pan Am? Even IBM isn’t IBM, and GM had to be bailed out by the government (lucky for them they had Obama at their back). Corporations develop these god complexes and think they are all-powerful.

          They are NOT. If they don’t learn the easy way, they learn the hard way. Apple almost put themselves out of business. I wasn’t the only one that said fuck it, I’ve had enough of this. My first personal computer was an Apple Mac, as were my second, third, fourth, fifth … and then I said … “You promised me I could upgrade and now you are telling me I have to buy another computer? No. I don’t.” I got a PC and never looked back. I know a bunch of other people who said the same: “This is the LAST time Apple is going to screw me.”

          In the end, all corporations are pirates and thieves. They aren’t in it to serve the public good. They are in it to make as much money as they can. We are nothing more than sources of income and if they think they can make us do their bidding and make a profit too, they will.

          Many will learn that everyone — even their customers — have limits.

          I would LOVE to have one of those old phones. You could actually HEAR something on them.


      • WordPress sounds like many of the management “suits” I battled over the years. Glad I am retired. Good luck. Surely, you know we’re all counting on you.


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