Outside my window, the sky is dark, dramatic, and glowering.

“Maybe there will finally be some rain today,” says my husband.


“That would be really nice,” I answer, but then I turn to the forecast.

It says that we can expect a day of dramatic, dark clouds … but no rain. None. Nor any rain for the next week. Maybe next weekend. I know from experience that meteorologists have no idea what the weather will be doing a week from now. They just put that stuff there to keep us from losing hope.

Stormy Skies - By Marilyn Armstrong

I’m trying not to lose hope … but we sure do need rain. Clouds? They’re a tease. They make us think something is going to happen to relieve the drought.

At least it isn’t so hot. That’s something.


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  1. Looks like Maine–clouds, but not rain…


  2. Here in Tasmania we’ve just had our wettest May to July period on record I’d gladly send you some. My garden is so muddy that Cindy looks like she needs a bath after every game of ball out there.


  3. Here in New Zealand we had a freezing weekend with snow on the ranges behind us. Yesterday we even had a bit of sleet at the market. But we are still a little dry – we need more rain to avoid a drought next summer. This hills are still a bit brown from our very long hot summer. Global warming?????


  4. Sounds like what happens here.., we call it “Frozen Sphincter Sky.” Rain happens in all surrounding communities outside of metro Phoenix. We see huge cumuli nimbus clouds off in the distance with one always shaped like ti’s thumbing its nose at us.


  5. We had dark, threatening skies this morning, and thunder – and Cody refused to go out. Then it sprinkled just a wee bit and the sun came out. Guess we’ll have to go out and water the grass seed again. But that’s Ok, I have nothing better to do for the next 2 weeks! Woo-hoo!


    • I’m afraid to use any water. The well has got to be very low … and water pressure is also low. Rain rain, please do NOT go away! Have fun on your rare and well-earned time off!


      • One advantage to being in the suburbs. There’s plenty of water, but we have to pay for it so we still have to be careful. Unless, of course, we decide to take after my neighbor, who hasn’t paid her water bill in at least 4 years – it just keeps getting rolled into the next year’s tax bill, and her taxes are escrowed, so the bank gets stuck with the charges. And since she also hasn’t paid her mortgage in two years, she’s off the hook for all of it – at least until she gets foreclosed (hopefully, real soon now …).


  6. It looks promising but I don’t think much will happen. We are having the same weather here, Marilyn. At least we aren’t having the excessive heat and humidity.


  7. we had our first decent rain today, the leaves have begun to brown at the edges of the trees, and I’m in hopes this will continue for a few days. In New Jersey they’re having monsoons. Go figure.

    I stopped believing in weather men a long time ago. They now sell the weather as if it were a product you could buy. Extremely annoying, even from the decent ones. I miss people like Don Kent, who told you about tomorrow, and maybe the day after. But never, never, next week.

    My husband watches those five day forecasts faithfully and is so surprised, every time, as the weather they predicted slowly unravels into Something Other, day by day. He’s a mechanical engineer, and they do not leave things to chance; it’s sometimes hard for them to understand probablilities and guesses.


    • I sometimes think the weather folks just make it up. Whatever will sell best wins. I sure hope they’re wrong this time and we do get at least a little rain. We had maybe 10 minutes of rain earlier this week, but not nearly enough to fill the wells and aquifer. What an awful summer this has been.


  8. We had no rain and hot temperatures for at least 2 weeks. Today the rains came, on and off, but more on than off. Our sky is one colour, grey, and it looks like there will be more to come. I don’t mind, have a bad weather programme and a good weather programme. They are the same basically, but one takes place indoors and the other on the porch.


    • Two weeks I wouldn’t care, but this is getting on to two months and that’s bad. We are eagle-eyeing our water usage. Everywhere else, they are getting rain. Just not HERE. Some weird bubble sends the rain everywhere else.


  9. We finally had a fierce downpour yesterday that lasted as out 1/2 in Salt Lake City. July has been extremely dry in Utah this year, so it was very needed. The news reported last night that St. George in the southwest tip of the state had more rain fall yesterday than the usual average for the whole month of July. Nothing like getting it in at the last minute.


  10. It is hot and raining here in sunny FL. Five minutes ago it was hot and sun-shiny. Not a cloud in the sky. Go figure. Rain chance was only 40%. Really…I could do a weather forecast and we still wouldn’t have a clue what it’s going to be like outside.


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