Since Trump took office in November, the news has been entirely about him. His tweets. His bad legislation. His even worse legislation. His bad choices for heads of various departments. Now, of course, we have the whole Russian adventure unrolling.

Also, this week, the Democratic party “announced” its new logos for … I don’t know. Whatever they are using logos for, I suppose. This is such a pathetic attempt at a logo, it makes me want to bang my head against a wall. It’s not new, pointed, interesting, or exciting. It has no drama, no energy. It appeals to no one and says nothing. It will not capture anyone’s imagination. No one will rally to whatever it stands for which, in my opinion, is nothing.

This dreary logo reminds me how stagnant we have become. The U.S. is stagnating. Republicans are tearing down anything that was accomplished in the past 8 years … while Democrats have nothing to say except how much they hate Trump. Which is exactly what the Republicans did while Obama was in office. It left them unable to govern when their turn came and this will leave Democrats equally lost — for the exact same reasons. Hating someone is not an agenda. It’s not policy. It’s not an idea and it’s not exactly a rallying cry.

America needs to move on.

We are fixated — paralyzed  — by “The Events Of Russia.” We are at a national standstill as we try to sort out the sludge. We are in a legislative hole in the ground. Trump may be great at grabbing the attention of news organizations, but while he plays games with our heads on Twitter, we have no working government.

He is an awful president. No idea how legislation should be written or what would be good legislation. He does not appear to be serving the American people. I’m not sure who, exactly, he is serving. I know it isn’t me.

While we are stuck trying to fix what happened in 2016, we are sunk in The Trump Trench. While we dither, we are the laughingstock of the world, the biggest fools on Earth. America is pathetic. The idea that this is how we will be for the upcoming 3-1/2 years is appalling.

Until we do whatever we need to do to get ourselves going forward again, until we lose this bad president, our country has no future. We will not be part of the ongoing events of the world — merely the butt of international jokes. The longer this continues, the weaker we get.

We have had other dreadful presidents, but none of them were president in this high-technology, fast-paced era. We are in the center of the world’s stage — and what do they see? A bunch of idiots led by a moron. You don’t think that gives them ideas we’d rather they not have?

We don’t have years to waste digging out of this quagmire. Whatever is going to get done? Get it done. Soon!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!

22 thoughts on “STICKY, STICKY, STUCK”

      1. The Democrats’ logo looks like myriad TV News logos used through the decades. “____News — We Care About You” Let’s run it up the flagpole, Boys.


  1. I agree with everything you wrote. But I don’t think anything will get done to right our ship of state anytime soon. Behind all the noise and the appearance of paralysis, a lot is getting done behind the scenes and under cover. And none of it is good. I just don’t see the Republicans in the House and Senate ever being able to put country above party and their own unenlightened self-interests. Sad!


    1. I think they might if they think this is going to sink their own elections. Maybe I’m wrong, but getting elected is THE issue, before anything else. So keep your fingers crossed. I think they will put themselves first, if it comes to that.

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  2. Maddening isn’t it? Of all the things the Democrats need to be thinking about they prioritise a LOGO?! This always seems to happen in business too. “Oh no profits are down. What shall we do? ” “Let’s have a corporate makeover.” Like putting lipstick on a pig, no disrespect to the Dems intended but they should get their priorities right.


  3. Useless, self-interested/absorbed leaders and ‘oppositions’ are by no means just your problem i can assure you Marilyn. We all know everything is bigger and better in America (including your idiots it would seem) but that doesn’t mean the rest of the ‘free’ world does not have it’s own issues for people to laugh at.

    Here in Aus we’ve had five ‘leaderships’ since Obama came into office with only 3 elections in that time and we could easily have another before the next election – it would make for a certain symmetry in fact. Our current leader is having to make compromises with what he believes in to satisfy his party room and stay in power while having to deal with the former leader of his party who is doing his best to bring him down from within. This should be ideal for the opposition to ensure a victory at the next election and they should be making themselves out to be the ‘sensible’ alternative. Fat Chance. Our opposition is about as effective as yours is at present (but we haven’t yet got around to making a new logo – let alone any decent policies!)

    Our Prime Minister’s favourite tactic to try to raise falling public support is to copy his predecessor (who the party kicked out for his failing public support) and resort to making pathetic appeals to gain national popularity by trying to show he is strong on defense and is against terrorism. (Sadly the majority of us don’t seem to be able to see though this ploy and it works). His latest effort? Combine several departments into one super-department and call it something like ‘Homeland Security’ – now where did i hear that one before…??

    So, although we have one of the safest society’s in the world from terror attacks with a system that has worked better than almost any other comparable country and, having had a review into the matter just 2 years ago that made no such recommendation, we will now have a super defence department with a single minister in charge – one who was barely able to do his job effectively and now he has to do the jobs of another two ministers as well as his own??

    I’m not hopeful.

    There is a good reason why you have a non-politician as your leader… it was the politicians who got us into the current mess and they have absolutely no consensus, or useful ideas, on how to get us out of it.

    As our society faces more and more change, and as the pace of change gets ever faster, our old systems that used to work will no longer function effectively – we can’t go back (like Trump and his supporters want to) and we have no idea of what to do to move forward, while bringing the people along with us.

    At the risk of repeating myself… I’m not hopeful.


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    1. Other countries have had really bad leaders before. Take a look at Anthony Eden, as a start. They came back and so will we. We got in, we’ll get out.

      Pols need to get elected or they have no voice. They will save themselves, if not the rest of the country.

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    2. I have no problem with the concept of a non-pol at the top IF he is intelligent and knowledgeable about the Constitution, what is legal and what’s NOT. Barring that, he/she would need a top-notch supporting staff that could help bridge the crises. When you have neither of those factors in place, what you’ve got is someone who doesn’t have a clue how to run the country or even a basic understanding of what it’s supposed to be about. That is NOT okay.

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