PUSHING THE LIMITS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Limit This whole past month has been pushing the limits for me. Neither Garry nor I feel well, so doing anything has been difficult. My wrist has been very sore and I've felt oddly weak and exhausted. Just getting through the week has been hard. Even this little bit or more writing … Continue reading PUSHING THE LIMITS – Marilyn Armstrong

HISTORY VERSUS TRUTH – Marilyn Armstrong

How's your credibility doing these days?  We watched "Serenity." Again. It's a consolation prize, a followup movie to the all-too-brief television series "Firefly." We loved it. It went a small distance to answer the questions left in the wake of the premature ending of what should have been the best ever science fiction television show. Nathan Fillion was a fine, … Continue reading HISTORY VERSUS TRUTH – Marilyn Armstrong


“The media always lies,” she said and I cringed. Then, I got angry. Why do people believe a president who has never told the truth about anything while failing to believe the fact-based truth? I’m not talking about “ultimate” truth or the meaning of life or faith. I’m talking about things that can be proved … Continue reading CREDIBILITY MATTERS – Garry Armstrong


Weekly Photo Challenge: From the Car I cannot, in all honesty, say the "most of my best pictures were taken from the car," but an awful lot of really good ones were. What is always surprising is how well the camera sees through all the shmutz on the windshield and actually gets relatively sharp pictures. Typically, … Continue reading FROM THE CAR – WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – Marilyn Armstrong