WELCOME TO THE SHOW! Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Theater When the dogs barked me into awakedness this morning, I figured that must mean my son was here. They get frenzied, vying for his attention. But to be fair, they pretty much bark me awake every day. At least it was daylight and I was ready to get up anyway. It … Continue reading WELCOME TO THE SHOW! Marilyn Armstrong

SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? Sometimes, I'm wrong. But sometimes, even when I'm right, I should just shut up about it. How did you meet your husband/wife or significant other? How did you know he/she was “the one”? I met Garry at the college radio station at Hofstra College (we … Continue reading SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

THE WEEKLY SMILE – Marilyn Armstrong

This week, our town was a smiling place! We went to the Uxbridge Christmas Parade. It was a nice day, not nearly as cold as it will be tomorrow. It didn't rain and it didn't snow. And the ground was grassy and not all mud. We took tons of pictures, so here's another happy opportunity … Continue reading THE WEEKLY SMILE – Marilyn Armstrong


FOWC with Fandango — Leisure Suits Back in the 1970s, some clown decided that men were overdressed and need stretchy, comfortable clothing. And thus they invented the polyester leisure suit and to his immense embarrassment, Garry had one. I never saw it, but I know he bought it because he said so and what man would … Continue reading THE LEISURE SUIT: THE LOST JOY OF POLYESTER – Marilyn Armstrong