WELCOME TO THE SHOW! Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Theater

When the dogs barked me into awakedness this morning, I figured that must mean my son was here. They get frenzied, vying for his attention. But to be fair, they pretty much bark me awake every day.

At least it was daylight and I was ready to get up anyway. It isn’t always as easy.

Sometimes, they get nibbly by 4 in the morning when I am NOT feeling nibbly or particularly affable. I still give them biscuits, even though they don’t deserve it.

It’s faster to feed than argue.

I looked at the window and realized some of their frenzy was because two big squirrels were hanging onto the bird feeders.

The dogs don’t get excited about birds, but squirrels on the deck? NOT to be tolerated.

Then my son came up the stair and soon had refilled both feeders and the show was one. Birds. This was the entire run of birds. Out came titmice and chickadees.

Red finches and nuthatches. A couple of woodpeckers and a few Sapsuckers (you don’t see them often). The feeders had been close to empty, so the word apparently went out and everything with wings showed up for a feeding.

The birds are looking rather fat. I’m sure winter will slim them down, but right now, we have roly-poly birds.

I tapped on the window and the squirrels were so startled, they fell flat on the deck and took off. Those were not thin, hungry squirrels. These are fat, thickly furred healthy squirrels. I don’t mind feeding them, but I prefer they not hang on the feeders.

There’s plenty of goodies on the flat feeder and the deck. I may get them separate feed as winter comes on, but right now, they seem very content with corn and sunflower seeds.

It’s our morning show! Birds fly in from the woods, a few squirrels hang around, the dogs’ bark and I try to drink some coffee.

That is theater!

SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong


What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

Sometimes, I’m wrong. But sometimes, even when I’m right, I should just shut up about it.

How did you meet your husband/wife or significant other? How did you know he/she was “the one”?

I met Garry at the college radio station at Hofstra College (we didn’t become a University until a few years later) in 1963. He was the Program Director and Jeffrey, who I married the following year, was the Station Manager. The two of them were best friends.

Now I’m married to Garry.

I always liked him and I found him VERY attractive. We used to meet for lunch when I worked in Manhattan. He worked at ABC, which was not far. We were friends for a long time … then we were more. Then I divorced Jeffrey and I moved to Israel. Garry wrote me every day for nine years.

We got married when I came back. I still wonder why it took so long, but he says he was married to his career and didn’t have time for a life. I’m not buying it.

If you could take a year-long paid sabbatical, what would you do?

Go someplace warm and friendly. Not hot. With some gentle water nearby. Bermuda, maybe. Or Corsica.

What is your favorite thing to buy at a movie theater concession stand? (credit to The Haunted Wordsmith for this one)

Raisenets. I never buy them anywhere EXCEPT at the movies. They are a guilty treat.

What are some Holiday Traditions you and/or your family observe in December?

We have a little tree we put up. On Christmas day, we are usually alone together and we watch old holiday movies. We used to have dinner with family, but I think this year, it will be just Owen. Our world seems to be shrinking.

Sharing My World

THE WEEKLY SMILE – Marilyn Armstrong

This week, our town was a smiling place!

We went to the Uxbridge Christmas Parade. It was a nice day, not nearly as cold as it will be tomorrow. It didn’t rain and it didn’t snow. And the ground was grassy and not all mud.

Chowing down

We took tons of pictures, so here’s another happy opportunity to show our little town when everyone looks happy.

Street scene with balloons
How did they get all those people into that little van?

It was like living in a normal town, at least for Christmas.


The Clock in the Steeple – 
A New Square for Becky B

The Steeple Clock


FOWC with Fandango — Leisure Suits

Back in the 1970s, some clown decided that men were overdressed and need stretchy, comfortable clothing. And thus they invented the polyester leisure suit and to his immense embarrassment, Garry had one. I never saw it, but I know he bought it because he said so and what man would lie about a thing like that? He wore it to work, but I never saw it.

Maybe that is just a well.

Except Garry is such a clothes horse, he rarely admits it.

Leisure suits came in slightly stretchy polyester (throw in the wash, hang it and wear it) fabric. Light blue was very popular and some were truly indescribable.

I owned some clothing that was more than a little embarrassing, but I can honestly say I didn’t buy it. My mother made it for me. It was exceptionally well-made clothing, elegant clothing, but when I wore it I looked like I came from another planet. It didn’t improve my fragile popularity in high school, though it had a certain something by the time I got into college.

I never owned a leisure suit because, for me, a leisure suit means a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt. That’s what I’m wearing now. It’s what I wear. Most importantly, it’s virtually immune to dog hair.