DON’T EAT THAT! – Marilyn Armstrong

Detrimental to Your Health  Don't eat eggs. They'll kill you with all that cholesterol. No, wait. Eggs have the good cholesterol. Eat eggs. But not hard cheese. Wait! Real cheese is good for you ... but not milk. Never milk. Except for those of you with calcium issues. Calcium pills are better for you. Nope. … Continue reading DON’T EAT THAT! – Marilyn Armstrong

THE HOLIDAY SEASON – Garry Armstrong

It isn't depression.  It isn't anger or melancholia. Maybe, it's just a case of the "blahs," the post-Christmas brain drain. Last Night, Marilyn and I were doing our usual Christmas ritual of watching a classic, old holiday movie. We started with "A Christmas Story" which is always good for laughs. Darren McGavin is a treasure … Continue reading THE HOLIDAY SEASON – Garry Armstrong


So here it is, the day after Christmas. Boxing Day, I do believe, which probably means I should put away the gifts lying around and move on into the (hopefully better) New Year. Sadly, I cannot move much. I have finally concluded that my right arm is -- among other things -- suffering from terminal … Continue reading CARICATURE OF A LONG-STANDING TRADITION? – Marilyn Armstrong