The Classic Editor Script Was Updated

GET THAT CLASSIC EDITOR BACK. I know it won’t last, but hey, it buys us a little more time!

Diary of Dennis

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Here is just a small hint that tPenguinLTG saved us once again as he updated the classic editor redirect script. This makes my guide about how to install it up to date again as well. Just a small tip, I had it installed and it didn’t uptate itself. So, it might be that you need to deinstall the script and install it freshly as explained in my guide. So, for now, life got easier again and all writing buttons will redirect us to the classic editor until they get rid of it entirely. But until that happens, I continue to keep you updated about the most recent workarounds here, where you will find the most recent ones at the top.

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  1. thank you, thank you!


  2. Evil Squirrel provided me with a link to the ‘old’ classic editor too. It worked very well… I’m glad you found something to help!


  3. I saw this posting yesterday, but I must admit I don’t even know today how the classic editor would work with me. I have not used it for a few years and was using the new one for some time. Now I have changed to the very new one with the blocks and I must say after a day or two at the beginning I am now liking it (terrible confession) Perhaps because all I need to know is how to insert pictures and uTube stuff. Otherwise I have found everything I need. Over the years I have had to adapt to a lot of new changes in computer work. I even have a friend in the GB who clung onto Windows 7 until the last when it was no longer being supported. For me block script is just a paragraph script with a box around it which I do not always see.
    Love Channel for dogs a good idea, although I have never had a dog and my cat days are also now a thing of the past. I just feed the neighbours cats with a tit bit now and again when they stroll past and often stay in my garden. Good luck with the idea

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    • We were trying to find a way to “make money” on WordPress and love for pets seemed the way to go. We could expand: love for kitties, love for horses, love for dogs. Garry was trying to figure out how we could make them use the keyboard and figured we could glue pictures of food to the keys, but then they’d ignore other animals and just go for dinners.

      My style of writing and WordPress’s idea of how I should write are SO much at odds, it’s way more work than I want to do. I really don’t think I have it in me to start over anywhere else. I think maybe I’ve done my thing. I have until February to decide. By then, maybe something will have happened to improve the issues.

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  4. For all we suffering block script haters, here is a temporary way around it. I know it won’t last. WordPress is determined to drive away all we “bloggers because we like blogging” people. They want businesses. None of this fun stuff. You gotta SELL something. So Garry and I thought maybe we’d start a “LOVE CHANNEL FOR DOGS” network. We’ll post beautiful pictures of dogs and your dogs can write love letters to the dogs — and bitches — of their dreams. Whaddya think? I think it could be a winner.

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