Americans think “Socialists” must be the same as “Communists.” Having lived most of my life in the U.S. (born here, raised here, schooled here as were both of my parents), but also having lived for almost a decade in good old Socialist Israel, there are very few differences between living one place or another except for the following:

Where are the seven brave men we need to fight for our country?

1 – In a socialist country, you pay more taxes. You also get something back for the taxes you pay, like guaranteed unemployment insurance and medical care — and frequently a place to live if you haven’t the money to find one for yourself. The health insurance is terrific and you can live on the unemployment. I know, it seems too bizarre to imagine.

2 – You vote for parliament just like you vote in this country. But parliaments are different. Not a lot different, these days. Their “president” or “prime minister” (or sometimes, both, but one is more political and the other more honorary) is nominated by their party and often requires coalitions to make a full function parliament unlike here where we achieve the same result by simply buying as many members of congress as our money allows. Except for Great Britain which has a Queen. We have giant conglomerations instead. The Queen is more fun.

3 – So here, we vote for individual politicians who almost always belong to one of the two major parties. Israel USED to have a lot of parties and it was very easy to get elected to the Knesset. I do not know if this is still true because I’ve been away for almost 40 years. Of course, as a single person in a party of your own, you had to join a bigger party’s coalition if you didn’t want to be ignored. At least you got into the Knesset, even if it was for just one term.

4 – Parliaments let you vote when it seems like a good idea which is not necessarily on a set schedule. It depends on the country. Parliament is a style of government, but no two are the same.

5 – Communism is Fascism under a different name. It is NOT socialist. Americans seems convinced that socialism means we are trying to be like the old Soviet Union and nothing could be further from the truth. I only wish the left wing of the Democratic party really was socialist. Maybe we’d get some of the goodies that people living in modern, socialist countries expect from their government. As it stands, the Democrats are actually only slightly less centrist than Republicans USED to be before they became Trumpists. Republican are not conservative or centrist anymore and that’s rather scary. They seem to be inhabiting a world that has nothing to do with the one in which I have ever lived. 

I find Republicans strange, fanciful, and weird. Sometimes entirely other-worldly. Baffling. Unwilling to listen to things like science, facts, truth, and evidence. They don’t seem to care about anything but money — which, incidentally, their governments spend more of than Democrats. Some conservatives! Many apparently really WANT a comfy Fascist government, sort of like Hitler’s Germany, but with less murder and fewer attempts to conquer the world. Some are simply too peculiar for me to talk to at all because they believe so many things that are patently untrue — like telling people that COVID is a hoax. We sure are having a lot of people dying of that hoax and other than the Republican party, NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD THINKS IT’S A HOAX. 

If you hold a belief that is not held by ANYONE but your sliver of a political party, you might at least consider the possibility that, rather than everyone in the world being wrong, the problem might be you. But hey, I’ve done my best to present facts and evidence and if you can’t bother to even check out anything except crazy social network groups and Fox News, you aren’t making an effort to discover a bigger world than the one you see on your single TV station and little nutsy political group. If you don’t believe in the Constitution, freedom of the press, courts, laws, honesty, democracy, or freedom (except yours), you aren’t an American. I don’t know what you are.

Just to cover one point that still enrages me, during Reagan’s administration, the GOP voted to open up the savings of Social Security and borrow ALL of the money. Until then, Social Security wasn’t a problem. It was funded. That money was supposed to secure the future for millions and millions of us and the Republican party spent it. Where I come from, “borrowing” implies an intent to return the thing that was borrowed. I haven’t heard Republicans explaining how they will give back Social Security. Have you? One day, everyone who doesn’t die first — even Republicans — will grow old. They too might have to live on Social Security and Medicare. Maybe then — many dollars short and far too many decades late — they will wonder what happened to all the money you gave them that vanished and which none of us will ever see again.

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  1. Are you sure that the Queen has more power than the conglomerates? While I admire her long service to her country, and her shining example of decorum, I sometimes think that all countries are the same because people are the same. Fear and a desire for more power and money guide political maneuvering. As for defunding social security — it was governmental theft. They are raising the retirement age in the hopes we will die before we can collect what we “saved”. I worked my whole adult life, expecting to be able to retire at 65. It doesn’t seem likely to be possible, despite years of paying into a “retirement system” where the money disappears. Plus, we’re all told to save in 401Ks because social security will go bankrupt. Yet if we don’t spend on goods, our economy will go bankrupt. How are we supposed to get jobs before the retirement age when employers all want employees in their 30’s, not their 50’s or 60’s? While I wasn’t paying SSN, I was raising my kids. Without the next generation, our society would collapse. Yet women who stayed home to raise three kids are sidelined, demoted and ignored when they try to come back. Women are being forced out of the labor market by the pandemic in huge numbers. When they come back, will they have to take entry-level jobs again? Does that happen in socialist countries?


    • If you are past 50, good luck getting a job unless you are a doctor, lawyer, politician, or financial manager. Regular people are considered elderly when they pass 40, much less 50. And being 59 and out of work? Hah. Like who’s gonna hire you?

      In socialist countries, EVERYONE starts at the bottom and gets promoted based on how long you’ve worked. AND you all get similar pay — regardless of education or, for that matter, talent and ability. It doesn’t improve anyone’s ambition level, but it means the doctor down the hall isn’t richer than you just because he’s an MD. I forgot that. Socialism does not create ambition. And no, you don’t have to start from the beginning. However many years you logged before gets factored in when you start over, even if you’ve been away for a long time. Also, people don’t generally work any harder than they have to and get much longer vacations.

      It’s an easier life. You don’t get rich, but you don’t get poor, either. Everyone stays more of less in the middle class and most people are just fine with that. There are always power players, though. NO country is 100% socialist. There are always corporations and private companies … and if you are willing to give up the security of working for some part of the socialist structure, you can earn more money. I worked for five years for the University of Jerusalem — part of the structure — and I didn’t get paid very well, but it was a very comfortable job and probably the least stressful job I ever had. One day, I decided I needed to earn more and went into the private sector — and life got a lot crazier. I earned more, but the companies went bankrupt a lot and I was out of work more and I often wished I’d never left the University, low pay and all.

      The queen has got to be more fun. Not hilarious, but better than boardroom meetings!

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      • Thanks for this. Fascinating. I’m having a tough time getting a job, but maybe it’s just covid.


        • A lot of jobs are gone because a lot of places went out of business. Almost ALL the restaurants around here are gone and a lot of other small businesses. They didn’t have the resources to keep ahead of the rent or mortgage. But if you hang on, there will suddenly be a need for many more people. it will take a while, but depending on what happens with the government, maybe not as long as it did in the past. I hope not. I may not be working, but a lot of people still need a paycheck. A lot of people who planned to retire just realized they can’t afford to retire.

          I’ve been through a lot of recessions both here and in Israel. With all the issues retirement brings, I’m glad I’m not part of the workforce anymore. Work beats you down and by the time you’re rounding the corner to 60, you are physically and mentally burned out. It’s a rough world \and I don’t envy anyone who has to deal with it. Over the years, with all the companies I worked for that went bankrupt and for all the years I worked on contract, I think I was either looking for work, just starting a job, or realizing I’d better start looking. Again.

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      • The old man was right…


  2. It is strange how major parties of the left, your Democrats, our Labor have moved further to the right over the years. I used to often say that governments were more alike in office than out of it but I don’t know if that is true now that the parties of the right have moved even further in that direction. People say socialism like it is a dirty word but really what is wrong with making sure that if you are old, sick, unemployed or homeless you can still live with a bit of dignity?
    I also agree that the Queen is way more fun than corporate monstrosities. We at least get to enjoy the history and the pageantry and she is always the model of good behaviour.

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    • Americans really don’t have a grip on the world. They don’t even understand how our OWN country works, so you can just imagine how utterly uninformed they are about everybody else. So many of them are totally convinced that however WE do it must be the ONLY way and they are to foolishly wrong-headed. But you can’t tell them anything. They don’t listen. They are permanently teenagers. .

      I figure at least with the queen you get pageantry and a women who really knows how to wear a hat.

      I don’t understand what’s going on with the Republican party. I never agreed with them, but I didn’t doubt that they were Americans and would do their best for their own people. But these guys? Who the hell ARE they? What is wrong with them?

      Remember how I said “I wonder how much damage Trump can do in his last 70 days?”

      He is doing everything in his power to damage the office he has held. What a catastrophe. Meanwhile, a lot of countries are happily using the Corona virus as a way to turn at least our cities into police states. And not just here. All OVER the place. THAT is scary. What we do is weird but when the whole world not all that different, what does that mean? Has everyone forgotten the wars and how long it took to recover from them?

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