I usually like December. Lights and gifts and just people in a good mood, having parties, seeing family and friends and having a good time. This year, not so much. Everyone seems to have a cold or the flu or something. While it hasn’t been as cold as it sometimes gets, it has been very damp, that bone-chilling cold dampness that makes your bones ache. Well, maybe you have to be past 40 to really feel the weather, though I think this kind of weather is rather grim for everyone.

Boston Common in December

One more day of rain and then, with a little luck, we’ll have colder but clearer weather. A bit of sunshine would make everyone feel better.

Heritage lights and tents

There’s nothing attractive about this kind of weather. It’s just nasty, wet, and miserable. Even though the house is pretty warm, somehow it feels cold. Looking outside, everything is a shade of gray.

So to the questions:

Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear?

Not really unless you count a warm sweater and sweatpants. AND my new robe which is like a giant sweatshirt. Otherwise, these days favorite is often whatever suits the weather and right now? That means WARM!

What is the worst thing you were forced to wear as a child (school uniforms aside) ?

Laced up oxford shoes. Everyone made fun of me and them. They were ugly and they hurt my feet. My mother was convinces they were good for me. They weren’t. Mostly they gave me blisters and sore heels. The shoe salesmen were none too honest — or maybe they believed what they told people. One way or the other, they were wrong.

Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker?

Not any more. A little sweet stuff goes a very long way! If it’s very sweet, I won’t eat it at all.

Do you think you could eat your weight in chocolate?

Ugh, no. One piece of chocolate now and then. I can eat a LOT of crystallized ginger, though.

Spreading smiles?

Considering how poorly I’ve felt for what feels like forever, I figure not complaining all the time and trying to laugh at jokes is as good as it gets. Meanwhile, Owen has a cold — and so does Garry and probably so do I because by the time Owen realized he had it, he’d had plenty of time to pass it around. No, not flu or COVID. Just a sloppy little cold.

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  1. Hoping you feel better soon, Marilyn. My twin sister has been home all week with a nasty bug~not Covid, similar to flu at times, then just a cold. I can’t tell what I have amidst the treatment effects and general “stuffiness”. I love this time of year and the sicknesses are rampant. Still,…I love my flannel, sweatshirts, velour sweatpants that are too old and comfy (and irreplaceable). I’ve been stuck at home for quite some time and look forward to getting out to see more lights, laugh when I can, and feel better by Christmas. Hope Owen and Garry get well fast, too!


    • My son — who doesn’t get sick days — actually stayed home from work yesterday. A very rare event. He always goes to work, no matter what. He was better enough today to go back, but I think half the population of this town has a cold. I have to go back in memory to pre-2020 when everyone having a cold in December was pretty much standard. It seems a long time ago.

      You feel better, too. Maybe we’ll actually have a not-too-awful winter and be able to go out again!

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  2. It’s not very cold where I live but the smog makes it dull and gray too. Young and old alike have coughs and colds due to air pollution.

    Hope you and your family get better soon.


  3. Feel well my friend. Chicken soup is calling you.


    • Yes, I hear the cluck-cluck of the chicken soup. I know this is the usual time of year for colds, but we went for so long without anything, it’s a big (sudden) change. Garry has to go to the hospital for a long-delayed ear/hearing checkup and can’t afford to miss it, but I doubt they would let me in right now. So I guess I’ll have to get the news when he gets home later.

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