Serendipity is a personal and photography blog. For the most part.

I write about me and my life, stuff that’s happening, things I did back when. I take pictures, talk about nature, wildlife, trees. Especially trees.

It’s a reflection of not just what I feel, but what I think, what I enjoy, hope for, fear, and love. It is a bit of everything that touches me and the people around me. It isn’t entirely personal because many interesting or worrisome things aren’t about me, though they touch my life and presumably, yours.


Thus, I write about politics, news, movies, books, television. Ecology. I don’t always want to talk about me. Sometimes, I want to talk about you. Them. The world. Nature. And technology because we all use so much of it and it directly impacts our lives in myriad ways.

Sometimes — like right now — things happening around me are sad. Difficult. I’m not ready to talk about it.

I follow as many bloggers as I can. Most bloggers I follow write about life and take pictures too. Some are very funny, some are scary. They all vary their content from serious to funny and back again. I never know what I’m going to find when I visit.


A few blogs are entirely personal and grim. They have their blogging antennae permanently aimed inward The darkness within is complete.

After a while, I begin to tire of it. I get restless. The relentless recounting of one train wreck after another, the uninterrupted procession of bad luck stories, wears me down. I get numb when someone’s life contains no ray of light, no reason for joy, no hope of a better future.

I have to wonder if all that bad luck is merely bad luck. Is it possible for anyone to be so unlucky — without being at least partly responsible for the mess in which they find themselves?

Am I wrong? Am I being insensitive? Unfair?

snow falling front trees

I don’t have an answer. I know after months and sometimes, years, I cannot bear any more. Maybe God really is out to get him or her. Or perhaps it isn’t entirely coincidental that he or she can’t keep a job, roommate, or friend … and why everything in their lives turns to shit.

Can “personal” become “too much information”? How much is enough … and what’s too much?



It wasn’t a photo excursion. We were driving from a doctor’s office to the mall. To PetSmart, to get extra dog food. And biscuits. Have to make sure the doggies have plenty of kibble and biscuits. They’ve never missed a meal and I wouldn’t want this to be the first time.


The road between North Street and Route 140 is lovely. The woods are bright because its is dominated by alders. They turn bright yellow in the fall, and unlike the oak, they don’t form a canopy to block the sun.


The train tracks cross the road, though I’ve never seen a train. We have train tracks running through Uxbridge too, but no train station … not any more. What used to be the train station is now a real estate office. Once a week, you can hear the wail of the train’s whistle as it rumbles through, coming from somewhere. Going somewhere else.


I don’t know what it is about this train crossing, but I love it. Something about the way the road dips and curves. It reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what. It makes me wistful, as if there is a memory somewhere tucked in a corner of my brain … but I don’t know where.


The leaves were bright today. Not at peak. Not quite. At least I don’t think they are at peak … yet they are falling, even before many of the trees have changed color. It’s as if autumn has been short-circuited. Is it the lack of rain?


One year ago, we were on the road to Jackman, Maine. Autumn in northern New England. This year, the leaves have barely begun to change. Strange.


Sorry I went missing yesterday. We picked up Bob Mielke at the airport and by the time we were actually home and sitting down, I was too pooped to do anything. Bought some cooked food at Hannaford, ate.

Bob crashed. Garry and I settled down to unwind. Watch some TV. I did not feel like writing. Or anything.


It has been a hectic few weeks. Lots of stressful situation in progress. I’ll talk about them eventually. Right now, other stuff is pressing. I’ve scheduled some posts and I’m sure there’ll be more as time and brain allows. Be patient, please.

Love you all!



From Cee: This week’s topic is Back of Things. Back of things could literally mean someone’s back. It can also be from underneath. Like a bridge from underneath and we see the infrastructure of the bridge. You do need to be directly under the subject looking up. Or it could be something small enough you could turn upside. Your photo can be of anything or anyone in the world. Have fun with angles, taking the back of things or underside, profiles of things we normally only see the front. It’s a week you can be creative and have some fun.




“THE 12-FOOT TEEPEE ” by Marilyn Armstrong (Book Review)

Marilyn Armstrong:

Thank you for your kind words!

Originally posted on Traces of the Soul:

The 12-Foot Teepee by Marilyn Armstrong

This is the review I wrote at for The12-Foot Teepee by Marilyn Armstrong:

I discovered this novel at Ms. Amrstrong`s blog here. I’m so pleased I did! Marilyn Armstrong takes the reader on a journey “with Margaret” as she builds this 12-foot Teepee, we are faced with her decluttering to make room for this refuge…place of tranquility and inner peace. I felt like I was on a two lane highway with her, one leading towards a teepee that will withstand New England winters {which I tried to imagine in my home, Montréal}; the other lane is looking back and painfully processing her abusive and heart wrenching childhood; we travel alongside her as she experiences life, heartbreak, joy, tragedy, grief, God, love and family. Her sense of humour and honesty is so refreshing. I cried on the bus, laughed out loud on the Métro…

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