What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

I really hate ignorance, bigotry and stupidity. Even more? Self-righteousness and people who judge others — while oddly enough, never judging their own behavior.

Me? I wish I were less impatient with ignorance, bigotry and stupidity and less likely to try to tear out the throats of those self-righteous twerps. Probably I’m guilty of the same behavior from a different perspective, (Begin irony.) but that’s different. Because I’m right. How do I know? I just do. Trust me. (End irony.)

TapeI don’t really want to do violence. I just want to tape some collective jaws shut. With gaffer’s tape. Or whatever it is they use in packing departments that I can’t open without a machete. That would make me smile. Thinking about it makes me feel good. Happy. Downright seasonally joyful.

Can I tape up all the commentators on Fox News? Puleeze?

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  1. I am impatient and critical.

    I try to tolerate all points of view; even those that make me crazy. I use the remote when it is a T.V. personality that I can no longer tolerate. Hmm…does that make me intolerant? 🙂


  2. One choice is hard but here goes: Least favorite quality in someone else: INTOLERANCE! Least favorite quality in myself: STUBORNESS which is often STUPIDITY.


  3. This is an interesting character study. Looking t myself first my biggest fault is impatience. Accountability would be my pet complaint about others. If you make a mistake that affects others “man up” and make it right as best as you can. Take responsibility for your actions. That especially goes for businesses that deal with the public. “The customer is always right” still applies.


    • Ah yes. Responsibility. We have a national motto: “It’s not my fault.” Everyone has an excuse. The more important they are, the fancier the excuses. Pathetic. Good one Bob.


  4. Close-mindedness. definitely.

    (Which doesn’t mean I’d like to have a creative streak that makes me declare jesus is white.)


    • We are what we hate, but that’s okay because WE are right and THEY are wrong. And we can prove it. Or at least, we can say it louder than they can and that counts.


  5. I have a lot of difficulty with the close-minded and, relatedly, the know-it-alls. My worst traits: impatience and selfishness (hard to shake for us only children).


  6. Loved it! Especially the part about Fox News!



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