Gone, But Not Forgotten – Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten.

Tinker as a pup

Tinker as a pup, in snow

Pagan with a very young Kaity (Pagan was Tinker’s grandmother)

Divot, with a younger Kaity and Garry at River Bend

Divot, with young Kaity and Garry at River Bend

Handsome Griffin, the funniest dog I've ever known.

Griffin, the funniest dog I’ve ever known. A clown amongst dogs and my most huggable friend.

These are the dogs of our “pack” (since we moved to this house) that have passed over and have gone to the Bridge.

Our pets don’t live nearly long enough. It’s the downside of loving dogs and cats and the other furry creatures who make our world so much better. When they leave us, they leave holes in our hearts. Their loss hurts — and keeps hurting forever.

The furry flop-eared hounds are PBGVs — Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also called simply “Petites.” Divot was — as is Nan — a Norwich Terrier and a champion in the ring and of our hearts. They will always be remembered and loved.

It has been years since all of these well-loved pets passed on, but I still tear up when I think about them. They carved a place in our hearts and live there forever.

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  1. oh how sweet! Wishing you and yours a happy 2015


  2. What great photos! I’ve had a few dogs in my life as well and can relate to your final statement: “They carved a place in our hearts and live there forever.” We never ever forget the dogs we own and love but thank goodness the memories last forever. Thanks for sharing and as it doesn’t seem as though pingbacks are working as yet, here’s my less emotional take on the challenge. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours 🙂 https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/gone-but-not-forgotten-a-barbados-historical-landmark/


    • I don’t know if the pingbacks are ever going to work again. I don’t think they want them to work. I’ll go check out your post 🙂 And thank you. It has taken a while to stop crying. I’m glad the happy memories remain.


  3. Beautiful memories. They are still with us in spirit. Please thank Garry for the lovely comment he left re the post about my father. He is too kind, but it is very welcome!



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