Gone, But Not Forgotten – Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten.

Tinker as a pup
Tinker as a pup, in snow
Pagan with a very young Kaity (Pagan was Tinker’s grandmother)
Divot, with a younger Kaity and Garry at River Bend
Divot, with young Kaity and Garry at River Bend
Handsome Griffin, the funniest dog I've ever known.
Griffin, the funniest dog I’ve ever known. A clown amongst dogs and my most huggable friend.

These are the dogs of our “pack” that passed over and have gone to the Bridge.

Our pets don’t live nearly long enough. It’s the down side of loving dogs and cats and the other furry creatures who make our world so much better. When they leave us, they leave holes in our hearts. Their loss hurts — and keeps hurting forever.

The furry flop-eared hounds are PBGVs — Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also called simply “Petites.” Divot was — as is Nan — a Norwich Terrier and a champion in the ring and of our hearts. They will always be remembered and loved.

It has been years since all of these well-loved pets passed on, but I still tear up when I think about them. They carved a place in our hearts and live there forever.


    1. I miss them all, though I have a special place in my heart for Griff. Divot was the love of Garry’s life and he can’t talk about her, even though she passed 6 years ago. I don’t think we ever stop missing them. They were all special, each unique.


  1. I know when I look back at pictures or a certain memory gets brought to light about one of the dogs that has passed through my life, I always get a bit choked up. And sometimes I just flat out cry, depending on the day. I do not cope well with loss, human or canine so I do get it. You are also very fortunate to have such great shots of your pups. Makes me think I need to snap some Kizz pictures.


    1. I was just getting into digital cameras when we moved to this house. Had JUST made the switch from film. I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I wish I did. I was still working long hours and didn’t put much time into photography … but I’d say, yes, get pictures. I have become “used to losing them,” but I have never been able to hold back the tears. Even for pets I lost too many years ago to remember, I still cry. Garry is worse than me. We cannot watch sad animal movies and refuse to even try.

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    1. Garry wasn’t a dog person. He didn’t want a dog. No dogs. Okay, one dog. A small one. But she can’t sleep on the bed. So we get to the airport to collect Divot, our little red Norwich Terrier and there’s Garry, on all fours in Logan Airport, talking to this little bit of a thing in the crate. Then he has her in his arms and it is obvious to me, he is in love.
      I used to come home from work (he was on a night shift and I was on days) and I’d find him in bed, taking a nap with Divot. She wasn’t merely ON the bed. She was IN the bed. When she finally passed, Garry was distraught. He still can’t say her name and it’s years later. He loves all our dogs, but Divot was his own true love. Garry wasn’t a dog person. Until he was.

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    1. Her full name (ahem) was Goose Creek Ch. Dancing With the Devil — Pagan for short. She was the sweetest, gentlest dog ever. She would let herself be bullied by her own puppies. Now, Tinker, her granddaughter, looked like Pagan, but the devil was in her. And she was smart, even smarter than the other hounds (and hounds are probably the smartest of the “types” of dogs). She had nearly human intelligence which she used to wreak havoc. THE most destructive dog. For all 13 years of Tinker’s life, we lived in a state of siege, trying to keep our stuff out of her jaws and succeeding only sometimes. Of course I miss her terribly, jaws and all!


    2. Rick, when I look at our furry kids I frequently have that dread thought flashing through my mind for a long second. We’ve been there and, obviously, will be there again. It’s a reminder to embrace the time we share with them now.


  2. How wonderful that you have these great photos! One of my most fervent wishes is that when I get to “the other side”, I’ll be able to hug and pet all of my old furry friends.


    1. I had just started using a digital camera. They were primitive compared to what I have now, but I’m glad I took pictures. It’s hard to imagine, when you have puppies and kittens that in so short a time, they will go from these cute little baby animals to being old. Too soon. Much too soon. I hope they are all waiting for me somewhere.


  3. My animals are my only children. I talk to them just as I would a human………and they learn SO MANY words. I have had to “put down” 3 of my babies……but I had the vet come to the house, and I held them, rolled the vein for the injection, and the last thing they saw on this earth was my tear filled eyes. My last three died at home with me holding them close. Really know how you feel. My new dog, Smokey is in her second month of training to be a Search and Rescue dog. They go everywhere with you….even the grocery store, LOL. Hope she lasts as long as I do. Hugs to you both…….KEITH


    1. The ONLY thing wrong with our furry kids is that they do not live long enough or maybe, we live too long. Every time one of them gets to that age and we know the end is coming, we try not to notice, to deny that anything is happening. It doesn’t work, of course, but we always try. We have one old one now, but so far, so good. She’s old, but pretty healthy for a very senior dog.


  4. What great photos! I’ve had a few dogs in my life as well and can relate to your final statement: “They carved a place in our hearts and live there forever.” We never ever forget the dogs we own and love but thank goodness the memories last forever. Thanks for sharing and as it doesn’t seem as though pingbacks are working as yet, here’s my less emotional take on the challenge. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours 🙂 https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/gone-but-not-forgotten-a-barbados-historical-landmark/


    1. I don’t know if the pingbacks are ever going to work again. I don’t think they want them to work. I’ll go check out your post 🙂 And thank you. It has taken a while to stop crying. I’m glad the happy memories remain.


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