I looked out the back door and realized the aspens are turning yellow. They are always the first trees to show color, and always bright yellow. Because they are the first, they are hard to miss … yellow gold in the sea of dark green oak leaves.


But, if you look closely, the oak leaves are changing too. They never develop real color, not the way the maple, birch, and aspen do.


Instead, they slowly change from light green in spring, to very dark green in late summer … and now, slowly, develop veins of bronze until sometime in late November, they leaves are all bronze. Almost red.


By the time the oaks completely turn, all the other trees are bare, so they become the last remnants of the autumn. Sometimes, those leaves will cling to the oaks until well into the snows of winter.


It’s the herald of things to come. The warning bell has rung. The last fuchsia are popping on the hanging pots, the roses are finally giving it up. And the ragweed is blooming.


30 thoughts on “FIRST HINT OF AUTUMN

  1. I mowed on Saturday and was surprised by the amount of yellow leaves on the lawn. It gets cold here quickly in Ohio, just a few more weeks and we will have the windows open and will be shivering.


  2. How Autumn is quietly making its presence through leaves ! Signals are beautiful and I’m waiting for those brown, yellow and red riot of autumn colors in New England ! It has stopped raining here and green is turning into yellow. I wish it remained green for some more time.


    • Summer has gone by way too fast this year. I could do with another month of summer myself, but in the last couple of days, the leaves have begun to seriously turn. This is at least two weeks earlier than usual. I find it a bit unsettling.

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      • Global warming is showing its effects in all parts of earth. Here also the last two weeks were dry and it didn’t rain which was very shocking. It happened so sudden and not a good indication for coming days.


  3. I was just thinking of that when I was at the park Friday morning… there was yellow in the leaves and I thought it was a bit early for that. With how cool it’s been the past week or so, I guess the trees think summer is over (And boy would they be wrong!)

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  4. Lovely photos. It is weird seeing your early signs of autumn when we are getting spring flowers. Yesterday was warm, today winter is telling us that it is not prepared to go just yet. Ah, the fickle weather.


    • They are beautiful, but the woods is awfully full of things that I don’t want to dance with … bugs, including huge hairy spiders (wolf spiders), snakes, poison ivy. So I admire the woods, but I stay out of them in the summer. When it gets cold, in the fall before the snow, then it’s a good time to go into the woods.

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  5. Our garden is beginning to die off too. Tomatoes are ripening at a great rate. I’m not ready for winter. (Please, Lord, not yet)


  6. With our first rain in months this weekend there was a bit of Fall in the air here as well. The radio personalities on the morning talk shows were hilarious, claiming they didn’t know where the windshield wiper switch was on their cars. Along with the thunderstorms that rolled through the area we experienced 45 mph winds that shook the trees violently. Of course that meant crushed cars, houses and anything else that got in the way of downed trees and limbs. Still, the cooler weather this front brought with it is a refreshing change as well as a taste of Autumn on its way.


    • It’s been pretty dry … which bodes well for great color, but poorly for the rivers and wildlife. A lot of rain ruins the color change, but this year, the rain might be a better choice.


  7. I havn’t noticed a lot up to now in Switzerland, although certain late comers are now flowering in the garden, the rudbeckia above all and my apples are thinking about turning a little more red on the tree . The leaves have not yet began to fall and we have been having tropical temperatures, one of the hottest Summers this year. otherwise I don’t mind Autumn, good weather for taking walks.


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