Once again, WordPress is kindly offering to let me partake of a magical moment … in fact, magic itself. A drink from the very Fountain of Youth itself! What senior citizen could turn down such a great offer?

closeup manchaug dam waterfall

I’m a little suspicious. I know I’ve gotten more than a bit cynical over the years, but offers like this … isn’t there some fine print I need to read? Isn’t this the kind of contract you make with a dark stranger at a crossroad in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night?

Bwahaha,” laughs old Scratch as he scurries away, paperwork in hand. “Snagged another old fool.”

If I’m to be forever young, able to drink from the frothy waters of that famed fountain, does it mean I have to also be forever stupid? I would have no objection to a young, resilient body. A back that bends, good skin, hair that stays on my head where it belongs. All these youthful things are, as we said in my real youth, groovy.

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A brain came with that package. Oy vay. Such a brain. It was filled with certitude based on books I’d read and some late night conversations with other undergrads. Mind you, I’m sure that’s how we have to be when we’re young. Otherwise, we would never have the courage to face our lives.

A certain brashness and belief that we can triumph no matter what is a prerequisite for getting on with life. I get that. I just don’t want to have to live in that head for even a little while, much less all eternity.

Actually, all eternity is a pretty daunting prospect and I’m not sure how I feel about it … but perhaps that’s another post for another Sunday morning.

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So if they are giving away drinks from the fountain of youth, I will accept my slurp — IF I get to keep my current brain with all its experience, cynicism, and hard-won lessons. And I want a codicil specifying that while I get to feel young for as long as I live, I don’t think I want to live forever.

Long, maybe, but forever? To watch all the world I know disappear and who knows what to follow? I think not.


  1. I would like to be young forever physically as is it is now a days I am feeling low because of the fact that I have started looking old as I touched forty. Regards young age brains, I would say no since I don’t want to behave like an impulsive fool, seriously don’t want to repeat the same mistakes for trusting people and get kicked at the end. It hurt then and it will hurt again.


  2. What’s that ol’ saying, “if I knew then what I know now”? As a younger boomer (born in 1960), I wouldn’t mind turning the clocks back a few years as far as my body functions are concerned, but keep my mental insanity intact as is! 😉


  3. Geez, if I were suddenly young again, I’d probably be just like the rest of the cellphone zombies that prowl the earth now. I was so impressed by home video games and gigantic computers I could only play with at school…. I’m quite happy that I came of age well before Facebook and Tweeter came along to corrupt my impressionable mind…

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    • ME TOO. Young doesn’t look like much fun any more. Maybe it’s me, but they don’t seem to have relationships or for that matter, conversations. Maybe it’s a stage they grow out of. I notice my granddaughter is beginning to be more of a person than she was a year ago. She’ll be 19 in a week … and there are definite signs of an emerging person.


    • Hey, Squirrel. Recently a friend treated me to a game at Fenway Park. Great seats and a lovely warm evening to take in the old ball park and the game. Heaven for me!! I glanced around and most of the folks were NOT watching the game or enjoying beisbol’s oldest park. They were tweeting, texting, i-m-ing or maybe furtively pleasuring themselves. What in the wide, wide world of sports is wrong with these people?


  4. Eternal youth would probably get old. Everything around you would perish and you would be left. The suspicion of never aging others would hold against you. Hmmm, I wonder if it would taste good.


  5. The thought of eternal youth and living forever scares the hell out of me. If life on earth is all we have to look forward to let me off the bus. I want a beginning, middle and end not stuck in a time loop like “Groundhog Day”.


    • Thank you! I paid in blood and pain to become what I am. I would love to not hurt anymore. To not be riddled with arthritis and all the other crap, but in the end, I’m with Descartes … “I think, therefore I am.”

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    • Yes, indeed it does. I’ve always loved the vampire legend and the modern variations on it … but recognized that forever is too long for me. Anyway, nobody said “the fountain of youth” is water, did they.


  6. I seem to have been there and done it before. I still havn’t tried the waters, but do I keep my life’s experience that I now have, you know being golden oldie and seeing things from perhaps a more mature perspective, and just let the body be like it was when I was young and lovely, or does the brain go back as well. If that is the case, no thank you. Let me keep my aches and pains and all my life’s experiences, you learn every day, but unlearning is not my thing.


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